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At Latest India News Today, we serve the hottest news in the town through our website and app, help our audience make better decisions through our detailed reviews, and produce high-quality videos on the tech that actually matters the most to the end consumer.

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Our Team

Mr. Arshdeep Singh – Chief Editor

Mr. Arshdeep Singh is the chief editor at Latest India News Today. He holds a degree in Mass Communication and has been work experience of 10+ year. He is very passionate about Sports and Entertainment.

Email: arshdeep@latestindianewstoday.com Follow Arshdeep Singh

Mr. Mohit Yadav – Senior Journalist

Mr. Mohit Yadav holds a degree of M.A. in Mass Communication with specialization in journalism. He has a work experience of 6 years and has worked overseas also. He is chief journalist and covers National news. You can contact him here

Email:- mohit@latestindianewstoday.com

Anamika Singh – Journalist

Miss Anamika is an experienced journalist and comes from the hills of Uttarakhand. She covers bollywood and entertainment. Anamika also photographs celebrities. You can contact her here:

Email: anamika@latestindianewstoday.com

Seema Sharma – Journalist

Mrs. Seema Sharma is a journalist with specialization in Politics. She holds a degree in Journalism from SGTB University and has spoken at various events including TEDx. You can contact her here:

Email:– seema@latestindianewstoday.com

Ankita Sharma – Journalist & Photographer

Miss Ankita Sharma has played national level hockey tournaments and later chose journalism as her career field. She has an experience of 3 years and covers Sports. You can contact her here:

Email:- ankita@latestindianewstoday.com

Sandeep Verma – Writer & Photographer

Mr. Sandeep Verma is a passionate photographer and also aggregates viral news. He is a young man who started his career very early in life. You can contact him here:

Email:- sandeep@latestindianewstoday.com