Chhattisgarh COVID Vaccination Reservation;  Big Blow To Bhupesh Baghel Government |  Chhattisgarh High Court said - illness does not come from rich and poor, ACS order is wrong;  Government should bring clear policy

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The High Court has strongly commented on the decision of the state government giving priority to the poor in 18+ vaccination in Chhattisgarh. The Division Bench of the Chief Justice said that the disease does not come from seeing wealth or poverty. Therefore, the vaccine also cannot be applied from this perspective.

The High Court directed the framing of a clear policy denying the order of the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) of the state. The next hearing of the case will now be held on 7 May.

This is the order of the government regarding the vaccine
This petition has been filed in the High Court against the government giving preference to Antyodaya card holders in vaccination. Advocates Palash Tiwari, Rakesh Pandey, Arvind Dubey, Siddharth Pandey and Anumay Srivastava told the court that as per the order of the state government, the corona vaccine would first be given to the Antyodaya card holders then to the BPL, then to the APL and finally to all.

This decision and order of the reservation system is contrary to the constitutional right. Advocate Kishore Bhaduri also denied the order.

Getting wasted vaccine, injustice to other people

The petitioner said that a large number of vaccines are being wasted by this decision, which may be put to others. Doing this is like injustice to other people. He said that it would be good for the state government to open aid centers.

At these centers, people from poor sections who do not have mobile and internet, go there and get information and facility to get their registration and vaccine installed. The lawyers said that nowhere in the Disaster Control Act is there any protection for any one class.

The court objected to the state government’s response

Advocate General (AG) Satish Chandra Verma said on behalf of the state government that the vaccine is low. There is no awareness among the poor. They do not even have mobile and internet. The poor get out, which can increase infection cases. Therefore, on the basis of priority also, this section is being vaccinated first.

The High Court objected to this answer. Said, there is a lockdown in the entire state. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the government to prevent the poor from coming out. Corona is not infected by seeing the poor and the rich.

The High Court said that the order should be made by the decision of the cabinet.
After hearing all the parties, the court said that the ACS order to apply the vaccine above 18 years is wrong. The order was to be from the decision of the Cabinet and not to be issued by an officer. The officer does not have the right to take a decision in such a case.

Unlike the decision of the central government, states cannot take decisions in such cases, cannot go contrary to the rule of WHO, nor preserve any particular class.

The government asked for an answer in two days
The court said it would be discriminatory if we could not give a reason for proper classification for vaccination. If you give priority to a class, then it should be the basis, which is not in the order. The court also said that the disease is not discriminating against anyone. Everyone is getting Therefore, everyone should get medicine. At the same time, the court has given two days time to the government for a response on the whole case. The next hearing of the case will now be held on Friday.

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