Chitrakoot Jail Gangwar Encounter Case Latest Update.  Meraj Ahmad Brother Abdul Kalam Khan Serious Allegation On UP STF |  The script to kill Mukhtar's Khas Meraj was written in September;  Brother said - not Anshu, STF killed

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Varanasi2 minutes agoAuthor: Pushpendra Kumar Tripathi

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The script for the murder of Meraj Ahmed alias Meraj in Chitrakoot Jail was written in September last year itself. On Sunday, this claim was made by Meraj’s elder brother and railway employee Abdul Kalam Khan in conversation with ‘Dainik Bhaskar’.

He alleges that Meraj is not murdered by shooter Anshu Dixit, but by STF. Meraj was a licensee for two decades. His forgery is suddenly exposed and then he is suddenly shifted from Varanasi to Chitrakoot Jail without getting hardcore criminal. Then suddenly one day he is killed. Had Meraj been a criminal, thousands of people would not have gathered in his funeral not only in Purvanchal and the state but also in other states.

Meraj had said – now I am going to jail, then it is certain that there will be murder
Abdul Kalam Khan said that a case was registered against Meraj in Jaitpura police station in Varanasi for fake renewal of Ashele. The police did not take action against the one who had made the paper for renovation of the ashali. When the police started demolishing the house of Meraj located in Ashok Vihar Colony of Varanasi, he said that it would be appropriate to surrender now, brother. After his surrender, he was sent to jail, so he said that it is now certain that he will be killed.

On March 20, while being shifted to Chitrakoot Jail, he also said that his apprehension was seen to be proving true. It happened just as he said. There was no reason for Meraj to change his prison. He did not hate anyone in jail nor was he a dreaded criminal, but those who had to kill him knew that he would not be able to achieve his objective in Varanasi jail.

If the murder took place at 10 in the morning, why was the dead body in jail till 6 in the evening?
Meraj’s brother said that the police told him the story that there was a firing incident at 10 am in the jail. He and his family reached Chitrakoot jail at 5 pm. It was found that the officers are meeting and the dead body is still lying inside the jail.

After talking to the officers, after 6 o’clock in some way the bodies of the three, including Meraj, were sent to the post-mortem house. Then it was said that postmortem would not be done now. If the attempt was made then the post-mortem started after 2:30 pm. Dead body was handed over the next day at 6:15 am. Then the police kept asking for the location all the way.

Security provided to the police after death
Abdul Kalam told that as soon as reaching Saidpur in Ghazipur district, the police vehicle started traveling in front of the ambulance. When asked the reason for this, it was said that this has been done in view of security. Tell me what a ridiculous thing it is, that 5 jeeps of police are being installed to protect the dead body of a man who has been systematically killed behind bars.

Meraj joined BSP in front of Mayawati in 2003
Meraj joined BSP President Mayawati in Sarnath, Varanasi in 2003 with her supporters in her party. Never before had he been accused of peacemaking. When Anil Rai was killed in 2002, the police later added Meraj’s name as a conspirator. After this, Meraj was not named on the charge of murder or attempt to murder anyone.

Abdul Kalam Khan said that we are converting from Hindu to Muslim religion and are called descendants of Chaudhary family in Mahen village of Ghazipur district. We are 4 brothers and 4 police and railway employees. Meraj was fond of Netagiri. For the last time for many years, the village head was chosen from our family.

Police filed all the cases
According to the dossier of the Varanasi police, 14 cases have been registered against Meraj in Varanasi and Rae Bareli. Abdul Kalam Khan said that all the 14 cases have been filed against Meraj on behalf of the police. The common man has not filed a single case on charges of murder, extortion, robbery, robbery or rape. Everyone knows how the police file or get the case filed.

The special thing is that after 2007, after 13 years, a case was filed against Meraj in 2020 by the police once again. If Meraj was such a big criminal, then two-four cases should also be against him from the common man.

The biggest court is the one above, no one trusts anyone else
Abdul Kalam Khan said that life and death are the hands of the uppermost. My brother’s life was of such a day and death took him away from us with one excuse. We only trust the court of the one above now. It may be late, but he will surely do justice. We will not spread our hands in front of anyone else to do justice to us. The loss that we had to do cannot be replenished in this life. Had justice, administration and governance been the thing, the murder of Meraj would not have been so ruthlessly behind the bars of prison.

Those who say Mukhtar’s manager tell me where the assets of Meraj are?
Those who are telling Meraj as the manager and executor of MLA Mukhtar Ansari’s gang, now have mercy on us for God. Or come forward and tell me where Meraj has built properties. Where are his houses and how much bank balance has been left and how much land has been purchased.

He said that even after coming to the village, people can find out whether Meraj had placed two bricks or bought a field somewhere. In our society, it is said that the person who leaves the land and goes away is not misinformed, so now Meraj should also be spared.

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