Congres Leader Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.  Asks to PM Modi.  Why Sends Our Children 'Vaccines to Foreign.  Political Poster War |  Sharing the poster which led to 25 arrests, Rahul wrote - Arrest me too

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New Delhi8 minutes ago

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Rahul Gandhi has protested the arrest of people by posting on social media.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Rahul Gandhi has protested the arrest of people by posting on social media.

The poster controversy over the Corona vaccine has now taken a political form. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also joined the case. He shared a post on social media on Sunday, ‘Modi ji, why did our children’s vaccine be sent abroad’. In its caption, he wrote that arrest me too. A step ahead by this, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has made this post her profile picture.

In Delhi, 25 people have been arrested in a poster pasted in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There have been 25 FIRs in this case. Officials said that PM Modi was criticized in these posters by referring to the vaccination drive against Corona. Posters were put up in many parts of Delhi. It was written on this, ‘Why did Modiji send our children’s vaccine abroad’. These posters were reported to the police on Thursday. After this, the top officials became cautious.

On whose request posters were put up, investigation continued
On the basis of complaints, 25 FIRs have been registered under Section 188 (violation of order or rule issued by a government official) and other sections of the IPC. These include Section 3 of Damage to Government Property under Property Act in many districts of Delhi. It has a provision of punishment and fine of up to 5 years.

A senior police officer said that if more complaints are received in this case then more FIRs can be filed. Investigations are currently underway to find out who these posters were being installed at many places across the city. Further action will be taken after this.

FIR and arrest in entire Delhi

  • 3 FIRs in Northeast Delhi, 2 people arrested
  • 3 FIRs, 5 people arrested in West Delhi
  • 3 FIRs in outer Delhi, 3 people arrested
  • 4 FIRs in Northwest Delhi, 2 people arrested
  • 2 FIRs, 4 people arrested in Central Delhi
  • 2 FIR in Rohini, 2 FIR in South Delhi
  • An FIR in Kalyanpuri, East Delhi, 4 arrested
  • An FIR at the New Friends Colony police station in the southeast district
  • An FIR in Dwarka, 2 people arrested
  • An FIR in North Delhi, 1 arrested
  • An FIR in South-West Delhi, 2 arrests
  • An FIR in Shahdara

Received 500 rupees in exchange for pasting the poster
According to the police, one of the arrested persons says that he was given 500 rupees for pasting these posters. Police have recovered CCTV footage of the incident. Attempts are being made to apprehend the people involved in it.

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