Congress Toolkit Exposed Updates;  Letter to Delhi Police Commissioner, Demand FIR Against Jp Nadda And Sambit Patra |  Congress writes letter to Delhi Police Commissioner on BJP allegations;  FIR demands on JP Nadda, Smriti Irani and Sambit Patra

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New Delhi6 minutes ago

Controversy between the BJP and the Congress over the toolkit is increasing. In the morning, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra accused the Congress of tarnishing the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media through a special toolkit.

At the same time, in the afternoon, the Congress retaliated and warned the BJP to make false accusations and to register an FIR in the case. In the evening, the Congress wrote a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner demanding registration of an FIR against veteran leaders including BJP President JP Nadda, Union Minister Smriti Irani, Organization General Secretary BL Santosh and party spokesperson Sambit Patra.

Think of the whole matter like this…

BJP spokesperson accuses- Congress spoiling PM’s image through toolkit
First BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra did a virtual PC this morning. He accused the Congress of spreading confusion among the countrymen during the Corona epidemic and tarnishing the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Attacking the Congress, he said that during the crisis like Corona, the politics of the vultures of the opposition party has been exposed. Patra cited a ‘toolkit’ for this.

He claimed that during this difficult time of the pandemic, the research wing of the Congress is trying to discredit the country and the Prime Minister. Patra further said that through the toolkit, the people of Congress have been asked to call the Indian train as Modi train. At the same time, Kumbh has to be promoted as a super spreader. Patra also claimed that Rahul Gandhi who tweets every morning is also a part of this toolkit, through which the government is being maligned.

Three top Congress leaders responded to Patra’s allegations
In the afternoon, three top Congress leaders responded to Sambit Patra’s allegations. First of all, Congress Research Wing chief Rajiv Gowda tweeted that the BJP is propagating fake toolkits on ‘Kovid mismanagement’. It is linking it to the research department of Congress. We are filing an FIR against JP Nadda and Sambit Patra for forgery. ” He claimed that our country is facing the devastation of Kovid, at such a time, instead of providing relief to the people, BJP is shamelessly indulging in fraud. .

After this, party spokesperson Supriya Srinet attacked the BJP and said that the troll army of BJP is spreading such propaganda. When the country and the government must fight the epidemic, their party and leaders are engaged in spreading fake toolkits.

At the same time, Randeep Surjewala also attacked the BJP and said that JP is registering a case against Nadda and his other leaders, but know that the truth cannot be hidden by these misdeeds.

… and finally, Congress wrote a letter to the police for the FIR
After a day’s rhetoric, the Congress has written a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner and SHO Tughlaq Road Police Station in the evening. In it, FIRs have been sought against several other leaders including JP Nadda, Sambit Patra, Smriti Irani, BL Santosh.

The Congress wrote in the letter that these people have spread lies through social media with the aim of spreading communal unrest in the country. It has also been said in the complaint that concerned BJP patriot, including concerned Patra BL Santosh, has prepared a fake and fabricated document at the behest of JP Nadda. For this, these people have also prepared the letterhead of the AICC Research Department. Therefore, an FIR should be lodged against these people.

What is a toolkit?
A ‘toolkit’ is a type of document that contains point-by-point issues to advance your campaign. In order to give the edge to the campaign, propaganda is carried out to surround the opponents on these same issues. Recently during the Kisan movement also a ‘toolkit’ came up, which was discussed a lot.

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