Corona being reduced by controlling the investigation, claims of one lakh investigation, but testing is happening around 50 thousand, so positive cases also started to decrease.  Claimed 1 lakh tests daily, getting only 50 thousand;  Corona cases also reduced by reducing 33 thousand tests in 5 days

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  • Corona Being Reduced By Controlling The Investigation, Claims Of One Lakh Investigation, But Testing Is Happening Around 50 Thousand, So Positive Cases Also Started To Decrease

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Jaipur10 hours ago

The government has reduced testing to reduce corona cases in the state. Until a few days ago, the administration was claiming to have reached one lakh daily for testing. Now the same administration is doing only 50 thousand corona tests every day. On Saturday also 50,205 people were tested in the state, out of which 13,565 samples turned out positive.

According to the report of the Department of Medical and Health, the number of corona tests has come down from 83 thousand to 50 thousand in the last 5 days. Due to reduced investigation, corona cases are decreasing day by day, but the rate of infection is increasing. Two weeks ago, the state’s infection rate, which was between 18 and 20 per cent, has risen to 21 to 22 per cent last week. In a way, the state government is claiming that we have more than one lakh test machinery and resources every day, on the other hand, the number of infected people is being reduced every day by reducing the sample.

More than 15 thousand samples tested every day
On an average, 81,851 samples were being tested every day in the state from 2 to 8 May last week, which came down to 66,857 last week. That is, on an average, 15 thousand investigations were reduced every day. However, medical department officials say that after the lockdown people are coming out less to give samples, due to which the investigations have been less.

Positive cases also came down
There has also been a decrease in the number of positive cases due to the reduced sample. Last week, from May 2 to 8, a total of 1.23 lakh people came positive, but this week between 9 to 15 May, the cases came down to 1.10 lakh. However, in the meantime the death toll has definitely increased. In the first week of May, 1107 people died from Corona, while in the second week, 1115 people died.

day the inspection The case The deaths
2 May 84,735 18,298 159
3 May 48,801 17,296 154
4 May 99,418 16,974 154
5 May 92,687 16,815 155
6 May 90,099 17,532 161
7 May 77786 18,231 164
8 May 79,431 17,987


9 May 75,488 17,921 159

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