Corona could not touch the 30 thousand population of the 20 villages of Bokaro, because the pure air;  Every body is full of immunity through hard work |  Corona could not touch the 30 thousand population of 20 villages of Bokaro, pure climate;  Immunity filled with hard work and strict adherence to social distancing

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  • Corona Could Not Touch The 30 Thousand Population Of The 20 Villages Of Bokaro, Because The Pure Air; Every Body Is Full Of Immunity Through Hard Work

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Bokaro10 minutes agoAuthor: Rajesh Singh Dev / Vipin Mukherjee

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Not a single villager had a positive report.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Not a single villager had a positive report.

  • Five Santhal tribal and Kurmi-dominated villages to be visited in five days, 3,834 families not infected

In the period of epidemic, corona has not been able to cross 30 thousand population of 20 villages of Bokaro district. Due to pure climate, clean food, living, hygiene and hard work, every person here is full of immunity. Dainik Bhaskar learned the condition of 32 Santhal tribal and Kurmi dominated villages in 5 days. In these, not a single infected was found in 3834 families from 20 villages.

Seek information from the head, woman committee member, servant. Talked to doctor and environmentalist. The villages of Kasmar, Jaridih and Petarwar are more aware than the city. Awareness that works with social distancing. Even in the village chaupal, they wear masks and sit at a distance.

Medical in-charge said – no positive report from wild and hilly region
Medical In-charge of Kasmar, Dr. Nawab informed that control rooms have been set up in all suburbs of the district. Every day, 300 to 400 people of the village are undergoing tests in hospitals. There has not been a positive report of a single villager in the villages of hilly and forest areas, while more patients are coming from urban and colliery areas.

Hisim-Barikala population more than 2000, not a single positive
The president of the NGO, Suman Devi, said that 2200 population was investigated thrice in Hisim village of Kasmar, but the report of one villager was not positive. According to Barikala teacher Kedar Mahato, the village has a population of 2500. There were three camps in the village. Not a single positive was found.

50% population are Santhal tribals, 30% Kurmi
In 20 villages, 50% of the population are Santali tribals, while 30% are Kurmis. Rajendra Nayak, chief of Chando in Petarwar block said that this area is surrounded by forests. Here the climate is pure, so people have more immunity power.

Environmentalist said – every 12 hours of oxygen doubled in the villages in the forest
Oxygen levels are very high in villages close to the forest. On an average, people require 550 liters of oxygen in 12 hours. At the same time, the people of the village settled at the foothills of the forest and mountain are getting 1100 liters of oxygen. Therefore the effect of corona is less here. The problem is more due to vehicles, AC, industries in cities. Urban people use hybrid crops more as food. This reduces hemoglobin, then reduces immunity.
-Gulab Chandra, environmentalist and coordinator of Damodar Bachao Abhiyan

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