Coronavirus Vaccine Baby Birth Rumours;  Rajasthan News |  Dainik Bhaskar Ground Report From Banswara Pali Tribal Village |  Rumor in the tribal villages of Pali and Banswara;  If the youth of the house takes the vaccine, they will not be able to have children, the elderly will die.

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  • Coronavirus Vaccine Baby Birth Rumours; Rajasthan News | Dainik Bhaskar Ground Report From Banswara Pali Tribal Village

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Rumors about the vaccine are spreading in the tribal villages of Pali and Banswara district of Rajasthan. When Bhaskar’s team reached the tribal areas of Vagad and Godwad here, it was learned that due to rumors, young people are avoiding vaccines or not allowing them to get home vaccinated. In the 13 gram panchayats of the tribal region of Godwad region, only 55 people have got vaccinated. Only 54 percent vaccination has been done in the tribal area of ​​Vagad. Know the condition of vaccination in these tribal areas through 2 reports …

1- Report of Kannu Bhilwara and Udayveer Singh Rajpurohit from Bali

Rumor: The tribals of Bali have opted out of the vaccine. Rumors have spread from house to house in this area that the ability to have children will be lost by applying the vaccine. May also check out in a month. This is the reason why even after the vaccination camp has been started repeatedly by the medical department, no one is coming to get the vaccine. The big thing is that this rumor has been spread by the self-styled tribal leaders in large places through large gatherings in the last one month.

Action: In one case, the police registered a mob mob lawsuit against the councilors, but did not take any action against the rumor mongers. The shocking truth is that the number of vaccinators in the 13 gram panchayats of the tribal area is up to one-tenth of which only government personnel or front-line workers are there.

Attempts: The head of the Bali Panchayat Samiti, Panri Bai, is 58 years old. They are just literate. In his house, when he saw the pain of suffering from Kareena, the doctor first reached his house and measured the oxygen level with the oximeter. After reaching level 70, Daheithe’s breath got uprooted.

After this, she decided with her husband and former head Samataram Garasia that now in the village, such maitens would try to stop. Panri Bai called for an oximeter. Learned how to increase oxygen on TV and now, three times a day, the family and the family will be brought to the garden in their home garden.

2- Jasraj Ojha and Priyank Bhatt report from Banswara

Rumor: A new crisis has now arisen in the same Kushalgarh block of Banswara, from where the entry of Kareena took place in Vagad. Here Kareena had a havoc and now the medical department is upset with the rumors about vaccination. In one flourish of Bhanvarada, the old lady said that I got her vaccinated, but she refused to have children. The old lady said that such a thing is flying here that the vaccine of pant-shirt is different and the vaccine looks different in the villages. If you put this vaccine, the young children will not be born and the elderly will die soon.

Trouble: The situation is more dangerous this time in Kushalgarh town. So far, 776 have been infected, while 6 have been killed. There were 395 infection cases in the first wave. Now rumors have worsened the situation. In Kushalgarh block only 54% vaccination has been done. This figure has been made for the last ten days and is not going forward, because people are not getting vaccinated.

The villagers of the team who went for vaccination in Sabalpura drove away. BCMO of Kushalgarh Dr. Rajendra Ujjainia admitted that there is a lot of superstition here, so vaccination is less.

In the Kushalgarh area of ​​Banswara, the people of the tribal region pray to the ancestors for rescue from Corona.

In the Kushalgarh area of ​​Banswara, the people of the tribal region pray to the ancestors for rescue from Corona.

Faith support with caution: Bhanvarada panchayat of the block was worshiping several people together in a village. When the team asked him, the elderly Sardar Sarpeta told that there is fear of Karona in every village. Like other areas, this village did not have this disaster, so worshiping the ancestors and praying for the safety of the family. Hemla Sarpetta of the village says that in Caerena, we are taking care, but now only God can save.

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