Documentary Film Izzatnagari Ki Asabhya Betiyaan |  Raises the truth from 'the rude daughters of Ijjat Nagar'

The documentary film ‘Ijjat Nagar’s Rude Daughters’ tells the story of Jat girls who have raised their voice for Honor Killing, Tughlaqi Decree of Khap Panchayats, Against Unjust and Right to Love. The film tells the story of the struggle of the five Jat girls of Haryana where all the laws, all the rules, all the customs and traditions are applied to a woman. The ‘uncivilized daughters of Ijjat Nagar’ are witnessing change on the one hand, and on the other hand, Khap Panchayat and a section of society are not afraid of honor killing in the name of respect. The documentary film is directed by Nakul Singh and edited by Neetu Singh. The film has become extremely spectacular and tells the story of Haryana’s changing society and traditional society’s confrontation.

On the one hand, these darling daughters of society want to break the caste bond by walking on the path of love and connect with their favorite person, on the other hand there are people like Jai Singh Ahlawat in Khap Panchayat who consider them rude and in whose eyes it is Is like a threat to tradition.

The film tells the story of Seema and her mother in a fight in which her brother Manoj had to suffer honor killing after getting married to Babli of the same gotra. Today Seema and her mother are fighting a legal battle in court against the killers. The film tells the story of Delhi University’s Geetika who does not hesitate to do street play on Honor Killing. But at such a time, he has to listen that you are Jat and you are making a play. Some people say that you are cutting your roots and you are not doing anything. Anjali has been on her M.Phil degree Honor Killing. A similar story is of Jat girl Monica who married Gaurav Saini. Gaurav tells about Monica that Monica always told me that I want to adopt a girl and then I want to show people how the girl is brought up.

‘Izzat Nagar’s Rude Daughters’ is not an ordinary documentary film, it has been made in a very serious way on a subject like Honor Killing. The film asks a question, how can someone save their honor by killing their children? The film also tells the story of the growing distance between the younger generation who are in the air of change in Haryana and those who believe in traditional Khap society. The film says daughters want to touch the sky, become birds and make their lives beautiful in the sky and want to live their lives with their choice. The film says that the Khap Panchayat has become a coup and is scared from the inside by this younger generation. The rude daughters of Ijatnagar put a question mark on the Tughlaqi society of this khap panchayat hanging on trees by killing birds of love. This documentary film has been edited by Neetu Singh in a very brilliant style. This documentary film should be shown in every village in India and the entire team of Nakula, Deol, Vineet and Neetu Singh should be congratulated for this documentary film. The film should be screened in theaters so that more and more people can see it. Certainly this film will be very much liked at the Film Festival and it is also set to receive many awards. She veils the truth, “The rude daughters of Ijjat Nagar” and says let us touch our sky.

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