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Washington18 hours ago

Donald Trump heading to the Oval Office after a press conference. Trump said several times during the election campaign that he would remain in the White House. No need for power transfer. (File)

The picture of the presidential election results in America has not been completely clear. Friday is the third day of counting. Biden has won 253 and Trump 214 electoral votes. The results of four states remain. Therefore, to get the right answer to the question ‘Kaun Banega Rashtrapati’, we have to wait a bit.

Meanwhile, a question flashes in people’s minds. And that’s because Trump himself has hinted at it. Things are also pointing in the same direction. The question is what will happen if Trump loses and he refuses to leave the White House ‘physically’?

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The tradition is …
In the US, the new president always takes oath on 20 January. It is called Inauguration Day. Several days before this, the president (or candidate) who has lost or completed two terms vacates the White House. It is decorated or decorated according to the winning candidate.

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Know Biden’s answer first
According to a ‘New York Post’ report, Biden was asked in June – if Trump refused to leave the White House after losing? Biden’s answer was yes, it could be. But, if this happens, the military will forcefully pull them out of there. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Miley says- We would never want the military to be used to settle electoral matters. If this happens, the courts and the US Congress will resolve it. What role does the army play in it?

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Never happened before
According to the report, this has never happened in American political history when a losing president has refused to leave the White House. This time, Trump’s character and statements are being combined. Therefore, there are some apprehensions. Trump has said many times – there will be no need for power transfer or power transfer, I will remain in the White House. It is now seen as a threat. Secondly, there are legal matters. These may take time. The case may reach the Supreme Court.

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