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Washington13 hours ago

The results of the US Presidential election have not been clear, but some people want to know that if President Donald Trump loses in this election, will he contest the next 2024 election and is it possible according to the US Constitution? Let us understand the answer to this interesting question in easy language.

Can Trump contest the presidential election for the third time?
Absolutely, can fight. America has a written constitution. Its 22nd amendment is important for presidential election reform. It was approved by the US Congress on 21 March 1947. That is, passed. After almost four years it was formally ratified in the Constitution. Two things should be understood. First, no person can be president more than twice. Secondly, the constitution is silent on how many times a person can contest the presidential election. According to the circumstances at the moment, if Trump loses, he can contest for the third time.

Age will be more
It is clear in the conditions for becoming president in America that the age of the candidate should not be less than 35 years, but there is no condition like maximum age. Trump questioned Joe Biden’s age several times during the campaign. Biden is now 77 years old. Will turn 78 on November 20. Trump has also watched 74 spring of life. There will be 78s in 2024. That is, the age of Biden now, will be that of Trump at the next election.

So will Trump do this?
‘The New York Post quoted one of Trump’s advisers – Yes, there is a great possibility that Trump will contest in 2024. Former communication director Brian Lanza says – This time the competition is very tough. If Trump loses, next time they will be in the fray again. It depends on how Biden handles Corona and the rest of things in four years. There is currently no strong leader like him in the Republican Party.

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