Film Review: 'Players' |  Film Review: 'Players'

Abbas-Mastan-directed ‘Players’ is the official Indian remake of the film The Italian Job (1969 and 2003 versions). It has been said many times about the film that after seeing the audience in it, it will not feel that it is a remake but these too proved to be election claims like the claims of the leaders. Though many changes have been made to the film, but it has been lengthened so much that it seems boring. Also, many actors of the film have done well. Except Neil and Bipasha, they never seem to see that they are working in an action film.

Charlie (Abhishek Bachchan) is a chartered accountant and he dreams of creating a school for children in which they can live. For this, Charlie plans to steal billions of rupees of gold going from Russia to Romania. But this task is not so easy, so he takes the help of his master, Victor (Vinod Khanna), who is imprisoned but he dominates the world of crime. Victor then tells Charlie to form a team whose members are clever and adept at their job. Bilal Bashir (Sikander Kher) is an explosion expert, Spider (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a computer hacker, Sunny Mehra (Omi Vaidya) is a master at everything, Ronnie (Bobby Deol) is a magician. Charlie’s partner Riya (Bipasha Basu) also joins him and they all go to Russia to carry out their work. The gold is also stolen, but only one member of the gang blows away. Who is this and does Charlie’s dream come true, that’s the rest of the film’s story.

Star Cast:Abhishek Bachchan reminded him of the Dhoom series film with his acting. In this, he has not made any difference in switching between good and bad man. Bipasha Basu has definitely shown confidence in her expression and voice which leaves an impact on the audience. Finding an acting in Sonam Kapoor’s work is a difficult task. In many places, they look absolutely artificial. Neil Nitin Mukesh has given a shocking performance. Bobby Deol looks like a silent spectator most of the time. Sikander Kher and Omi Vaidya are doing well. Vinod Khanna is well known in his small but decisive role. Johnny Lever as a car mechanic has attempted to put some comedy moments in the film.

Direction: Abbas-Mustan has always made a mark as a director but this time he has proved to be a failure due to the weak screenplays and dialogues written by Rohit Jugraj and Sudeep Sharma. Seeing betrayal in love and swapping of partners, one suddenly remembers Abbas-Mustan’s last release race. There is no doubt that the Robbery sequence in the film is excellent and is the USP of the film.

Music / Cinematography / Dialogues / Editing:
The music of the film has not made any special place in the hearts of the people. At the same time, according to the sequence in the climax, the background music could not sync, due to which it seems very strange. Cinematography is to be praised for the way it captures locations to show Robery. There is no power in the dialogues, due to which the actors also look breathless. Editing could have contributed significantly to making the film smaller, but it was nowhere to be seen.

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