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Ahmedabad / New Delhi8 days agoAuthor: Vimukta Dave

  • Bimal Patel, who has designed buildings like Gujarat High Court, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Jodhpur, has designed the project.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave conditional approval to the Narendra Modi government’s ambitious project Central Vista. The apex court has also asked for the permission of the Heritage Conservation Committee to start construction. A new parliament building is going to be built after almost 100 years. 865 crore rupees are being spent on this project. The architect of Ahmedabad, Bimal Patel, who has designed many important projects, has designed the new Parliament building. We learned from Bimal Patel that what is special in the project …

First of all, know why there was a need to create a new parliament?
The Parliament House is now outdated, requiring repairing in many places. All things like air conditioners, audio-visual systems, ventilation and electricity need to be changed. At the same time, sitting capacity has reached maximum level in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Because of this new building is necessary. The offices of the ministries are also at different places in Delhi. In the new construction, it is also preferred that all the ministries should be in one place.

What is Central Vista?

New Delhi came into existence in 1911 after construction on the design of British architect Edwin Lutyens. After this, Parliament House was built between 1921-27. Then the area around Rajpath, three kilometers from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan, was identified for new construction. It was named ‘Central Vista’. Since then this area of ​​Lutyens Zone in New Delhi has been known as Central Vista. Now the renovation and new construction which is going to happen, has also been named by the Central Government as Central Vista Project.

Tata gets contract
Tata has got the contract to build a new Parliament building. 865 crore rupees will be spent on this project. The new parliament will be built on plot number 118 of Parliament House State. In addition to the new parliament under the project, 10 buildings will be built around India Gate, which will have offices of 51 ministries.

Newer old buildings will give a diamond look
In this entire project, two buildings will be built in Triangle shape on either side of the old building. The old Parliament House is round in shape, while the new Parliament will be triangular in shape. Due to this, when looking at new and old buildings together, a diamond look will be seen. It is expected that the new building of Parliament will be completed by 2022.

Repairing is needed in many parts of the old Parliament. Therefore some parts of it will be renewed. The new building that will be built at that place includes Krishi Bhavan, Shastri Bhavan etc.

The specialty of the new parliament

  • The new Parliament building will be next to the existing Parliament building and the two buildings will work together.
  • Currently, Lok Sabha has a seating capacity of 590 people. The new Lok Sabha will have 888 seats and the visitors gallery will have seating for more than 336 people.
  • The Rajya Sabha currently has a seating capacity of 280. There will be 384 seats in the new Rajya Sabha and more than 336 people will be able to sit in the visitors gallery.
  • There will be so much space in the Lok Sabha that during the joint session of both houses, more than 1272 MPs will be able to sit in the Lok Sabha itself.
  • There will be separate offices for every important function of the Parliament. Hitech office will be available for officers and employees.
  • The café and dining area will also be hi-tech. Separate rooms of the committee meeting will be built with Hitech equipment.
  • Common rooms, lounge for women and VIP lounge will also be arranged.

These things will be special in the new project

  • The new parliament building will be built with high energy efficiency. It will also be rated Green Building.
  • There will be high quality acoustic in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls.
  • Air conditioning, lighting, electric equipment will be easily upgraded.
  • Maintenance and operation of the building can be done easily.
  • Underground entrance for VVIP, while there will be entry from ground floor for common people and officials.
  • Special care will be taken to ensure that the Divyang person does not have any problem.
  • According to the new plan, all the administrative offices of the central government will be brought together in one place, which will ease the functioning.
  • Some parts of the old building will be demolished and a secretive building will be built there. By doing this, the land will be used properly.

What has the Prime Minister said about the design?
For the design of the new Parliament House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the new building should be easy for working people and common people to use and meet all the needs of Parliament. He also said that security arrangements should also be made such that common people can easily come to the building and they do not feel fear.

Who is Bimal Patel?
Bimal Patel is a famous name in the architecture world. His company HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt Ltd has worked on several important projects for the Gujarat government and the central government. Many buildings like Ahmedabad’s Riverfront Project, Kankaria’s Re-development, Rajkot Race Course Re-development, RBI Ahmedabad, Gujarat High Court, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Jodhpur have been designed by Patel. He has a 35-year experience in architecting. The government has honored him with the Padma Shri.

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