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9 years ago

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story A landlord named Jai Singh lived in Kumrali village, who had five sons and a daughter. Being the only daughter, she also got the most affection. Zamindar’s daughter Jyoti became obstinate and angry due to her father’s caress. Apart from this, she was also lazy. One day the landlord’s wife said to him, ‘Daughter is an alien, you don’t give it so much head. How will you act after marriage? ‘ ‘I will send his in-laws’ slaves-maidens.’ The landlord said. A poor farmer lived in a village near Kumrali. His son’s name was Virbhan. Her mother had died at the time of Virbhan’s birth. The farmer had raised and raised Veerabhan. The farmer’s ox died in the epidemic. He had to borrow money from Jai Singh to buy another bull. There was no crop due to no rain. The debt burden of the farmer kept increasing due to constant interest. Father and son were immersed in this concern. Over time, Jyoti’s daughter Jyoti also grew up. ामीMindar was worried about his marriage. No young man was getting ready to marry Jyoti. Then the zamindar got the idea of ​​Virbhan. Veer Bhan is beautiful as well as intelligent. Apart from this, the farmer is also his debtor, so he will not refuse for this relationship. The influence of money will also keep Jyoti happy, thinking that the zamindar sent marriage proposal to the farmer. Despite not wanting Virbhan had to do this marriage. Jyoti’s behavior did not change even in the in-laws. She used to reprimand her father-in-law as well. The farmer did not speak anything due to the fear of the zamindar. Virbhan was a serious and proud young man. For a few days, he kept silently watching this insult of his father, because even if he complained to Jyoti, to whom? One day Virbhan said something to his father’s ear. The father also listened to the son and nodded in approval. The next day Virbhan secretly sent all the slaves back to the landlord’s house. He said, ‘You should take responsibility for your home yourself.’ When Jyoti woke up to sleep, she was very hungry. Virbhan said, “Make food.” Jyoti started crying and said, “I will not be able to cook in this cold winter.” ‘No problem, I’ll make food. Just give me a little help in the kitchen. ‘ Virbhan said. Now Jyoti had no choice but to obey Virabhan. The two cooked together. After eating Veerabhan said, ‘I am going to the farm to work, you stay at home.’ ‘Why watchful?’ Jyoti asked. Virbhan told, “During the day, the Phantom comes from here and whoever looks at them, they screw him.” Jyoti got scared. ‘No no! Then I will not stay here. Suddenly it came out of his mouth. Virbhan asked, “So you will walk the field with me?” Jyoti said, ‘I cannot go out in this cold. Tell me one thing, why don’t these ghosts come in front of you? Virbhan said, ‘Come in front of me too. But whoever looks at them, the phantoms hurt them. If we continue in our work, the ghosts will go to the front and we will not even know. Okay, now I’m going. ‘ Saying this, Virbhan walked towards the fields. Sitting empty in the house, Jyoti started feeling scared. He thought, ‘I must keep working, this will not hurt me.’ She continued to work against her wish. She could not even sit vacant with fear. He thought in his mind, “Why not prepare food before Virbhan comes.” Jyoti made that dinner. When Virbhan came home, he saw that along with the clean house, dinner has also been made. He was very happy to see this. Jyoti told, “Today the phantom did not come, I was busy in work.” ‘They might have left.’ Virbhan replied. After this it became a routine. The farmer and Virbhan worked in the field and Jyoti would do all the household work for fear of the ghost. His nature changed. Two months passed. One day the landlord came to meet Jyoti with his wife. They are stunned to see Jyoti, she is doing housework by running. There was no laziness in his body at all. Seeing the parents, Jyoti hugged her neck. Then said, ‘Father, do some work with us.’ He said the same to his mother. He feared that the phantom might harm the parents. The landlord had to obey the daughter, he started keeping the straw kept in the courtyard at home. In the evening, when Virbhan and his father returned from the field, both of them were left stunned. The farmer apologized to the landlord. The landlord said, ‘I don’t understand anything. As soon as I entered the house, Jyoti asked me to work. Jyoti spoke before Virbhan would say something, ‘If you don’t work, the phantom could harm you.’ ‘Phantom?’ The landlord’s wife asked. “Yes, yes, the phantom comes from here!” Jyoti said. The zamindar said to Virbhan, ‘I do not like it, my daughter should do so much work, why did you return the servants?’ Virbhan replied, ‘After marriage, the girl has authority over her husband, not father. When we ourselves work so hard, then it also becomes our duty to support us and help us in repaying the debt. The zamindar said, ‘But I had forgiven that debt at the time of Jyoti’s marriage.’ Virbhan said, ‘I will definitely return your money. We should not depend on others. The landlord’s wife asked, “What are the phantoms, whose son Jyoti is talking about?” Virbhan said, ‘Mataji, the first apparition is laziness! If Jyoti had been sitting idly, it would have touched the apparition of laziness. This is your second debt! He is not relieved until a man has paid his debt. The landlords were pleased to hear the words of Virbhan. His wife said, ‘Son, you have saved my daughter. Now I do not care about it. Now Jyoti also got the identity of the real phantoms. He told Virbhan, “Now we will never depend on others.” After this, the three worked hard to repay the loan of the zamindar. Sincerely: – Sepoys (CBT Publications)

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