What is instagram reels and is it the new tiktok ? Today we will talk about a new feature that Instagram and Facebook have rolled out on their platforms in order to capture the market of Tiktok in India.

As the Government of India has imposed a complete ban on Tiktok and other Chinese apps, Instagram and Facebook have taken advantage of this time and used it for their benefit.

Instagram Reels is here to keep you engaged and to assist you with releasing your innovativeness by means of short recordings. Presently that TikTok has been restricted, Instagram Reels has the chance to turn into its most mainstream substitution. We’ve just observed applications made by Indian designers, for example, Mitron and Chingari, endeavor to catch the TikTok crowd and now the serious weapons are stepping in. Instagram is claimed by Facebook and it as of now has a large number of clients in India. With Reels, it could be the most genuine challenger to TikTok.

The most effective method to make Instagram Reels

Making Instagram Reels is very straightforward however the most significant advance is to get Reels on your Instagram account. Facebook is as yet turning out Reels to individuals in India. At Latest India News Today, a few people have the element and some don’t have it yet.

Making Reels is very straightforward in the event that you follow these means.

Open Instagram.

Tap the camera symbol on the upper left.

At the base you’ll see alternatives, for example, Live, Story, and Reels. Tap Reels.

Presently you can begin making Reels on Instagram. The most extreme length of any video cut is 15 seconds right now. We’ll walk you through all the alternatives in the following hardly any means.

To record Instagram Reels, tap the huge white circle symbol. A similar catch lets you quit recording as well.

Before you begin recording you can include a couple of impacts through symbols on the left side. To modify video recording speed the correct bolt symbol which appears as though the play button. You can record recordings in moderate movement at up to 0.3x or speed them up to 3x.

To add impacts to your recordings, tap the smiley catch and swipe directly on the huge white circle. This will give all of you accessible impacts and you can pick what you like. The impact symbol appears inside the enormous white circle and you can tap it to begin recording.

Instagram Reels likewise permits you to set a three-second clock before recording any clasp. Tap the clock symbol on the left and set the term for your clasp (0.1 to 15 seconds) and tap Set Timer. At the point when you begin recording, you will see a three-second clock on screen before the video starts

At long last, you can likewise add music to it by tapping the music symbol on the left. The best part here is that you can see the verses on screen and pick any piece of the tune that you need to utilize.

TikTok permitted you just a particular 30-second clasp for every melody, except on Instagram Reels you have the opportunity to pick your preferred pieces of any track. You can include music before recording a video to make lip-sync recordings, or you can add it in the wake of recording to give it a cool soundtrack.

That covers the rudiments of making Instagram Reels.

Why Instagram introduced Reels ?

Instagram and Facebook launched this new feature so that it’s users can get better functionality in their app to make TikTok like videos.

It’s easy to use and also will help users to curate their content in a better and efficient way. Photos and Videos have a separate section, then there is IGTV and finally Reels.

Instagram has also provided with the functionality to add audio to the video just like Tiktok. Instagram already being a very big platform has an advantage of the user base and such features will highly boost it’s user count.

Is it an alternative to Tiktok ?

Well, we can’t say exactly whether it is an alternative to Tiktok or not but the point is that it’s a sign of hope for all the Indian Tiktoker’s who just lost their accounts. So we can say that yes, it will definitely help creators on Instagram reach more people and make the content that they used to make on Tiktok.

Are people liking it ?

There have been mixed reactions of people with respect to this feature. Some people came out in support who said that it’s a great form of entertainment and we must not see it as another Tiktok.

On the other hand some people were disappointed with Instagram because they believed that Instagram would also become the hotspot of cringe content just like Tiktok.

Instagram should have added a feature to disable this feature for people who don’t want to create and see such content. But, again they are doing business so can’t expect much.

Facebook has been trying Instagram Reels in a couple of nations including Brazil, Germany, and France. The component presently shows up in India. This is the best an ideal opportunity to carry Reels to the nation as the administration put a restriction on TikTok and interest for short video stage has spiked.

Reels will be accessible for clients in India beginning 7:30PM IST. As of now, Instagram Reels highlight is being tried in India, and based on the reaction will be turned out to every single client in the days to come.

With TikTok prohibited in India, homegrown short video applications, for example, Roposo, Mitron, Chingari, Sharechat, and others are increasing wide fame and a great many clients consistently. Facebook will likewise utilize this brilliant chance to draw in 200 million TikTok clients to Reels.

So this was all about the new fancy feature of Instagram and all about how it wants to be the new center of attraction with this new feature called reels. If you ask me I was not a fan of Tiktok type content but I would agree that it was really very entertaining if we ignore the cringe (obviously).

Are you happy with this new feature ? Do you love creating videos with it ? Do tell us by leaving a comment below. Cheers!

Anamika Singh

By Anamika Singh

Miss Anamika is an experienced journalist and comes from the hills of Uttarakhand. She covers bollywood and entertainment. Anamika also photographs celebrities. You can contact her here: Email: anamika@latestindianewstoday.com