Know the new situation of three new production centers of covaxine;  |  Know the new situation of three new production centers of covaxine, if the paper goes ahead, then the vaccine can catch pace

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Biotech claimed agreement with two new companies to increase production of cocaine, but has not yet started production of the vaccine.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Biotech claimed agreement with two new companies to increase cocaine production, but has not yet started production of the vaccine.

  • Maharashtra: MoU has not been done yet, no process will be started without it
  • UP: technical team will come next month, lab will be formed again, it will take 3 months

Scientists and experts are warning of a third consecutive wave as the horrors of the second wave of Corona diminish. To avoid this, maximum vaccination is being described as the biggest weapon. While vaccination is not catching pace due to lack of vaccines. Although the central government has claimed agreement with two new companies to increase production of cocaine from Bharat Biotech, the production of the vaccine has not started yet.

Bhaskar spoke to Subhash Shankarwar, general manager of Hafkin Bio-Pharmaceutical Corporation in Mumbai, to find out the reality of claims to increase the production of vaccines. He told that technology transfer from India Biotech is yet to be done. Until this agreement is reached, no process can begin. However, Hafkin has sent the proposal of the agreement to Bharat Biotech.

Some issues are being included on behalf of Bharat Biotech. Shankarwar hoped that there would be an MoU in a few days, after that there would be a technology transfer and a facility would be prepared for vaccine production. The Central Government has sanctioned 65 million rupees for the production of covaxine under the Technology Transfer Policy for this agreement, while Maharashtra Government will also spend 94 crore rupees.
Maharashtra gave a plan, but did not agree
According to sources, the Maharashtra government had also given a short-term plan to increase vaccine production. Under this, India would provide vaccine in biotech bulk and Hafkin Bio-Pharmaceutical Corporation would prepare it for ‘fill and finish’. But it could not be agreed.

UP: technical team will come next month, lab will be formed again, it will take 3 months
Bibkol (Bharat Immunological and Biological Corporation Limited), a central government undertaking based in Bulandshahr, UP, aims to start production by August-September, but so far the technical team of Bharat Biotech has not arrived here. Only then will the lab be constructed, which will take about a month. In this case, the entire process till the start of production can take about 3 months. The target is to produce 2 crore doses every month from here.

During the signing of the MoU on vaccine production, Bibacol had said that the central government has sanctioned Rs 30 crore for the infrastructure. The company’s AGM Sunil Sharma says that the exercise has started with regard to technology, raw materials and other resources. Bharat Biotech’s technical team will come in June and then the lab will be built. By then the necessary equipment will also come. Lab construction will take a maximum of one month. India will provide biotech by making Bibacol Covaxin.

Bibacol, established under the Union Ministry of Science and Technology, was established in 1989 in collaboration with Russia. Polio vaccine has been produced here since 1995-96. It makes up 60% of the country’s polio vaccine. Apart from oral polio vaccines, immunizers, diarrhea management kits, zinc soluble tablets and iron and folic acid tablets are also manufactured here.

25% infected including scientists in Bibacol.
The government-controlled Bibacol has a staff of about 120 people. According to sources, about 25% of these employees have been infected with coronavirus, including many prominent scientists. However, most of them have recovered and the condition of the rest is improving.

But good news from Gujarat will be 1.30 crore doses from June, capacity 20 crores
To overcome the shortage of vaccine in the country, for the first time, the Corona vaccine will start production in Gujarat. Chiron Behring vaccines that make anti-rabies injections will now form Corona vaccines. For this, the production of rabies injection will be stopped. The company has been targeted to make 200 million vaccines in a year. Production is expected to begin from the second week of June.

Right now, 1.30 crore doses will be made every month. This company based in Ankleshwar is a subsidiary of Bharat Biotech. Chiron has a turnover of Rs 200 crore with an annual dose of 1.5 crore anti-rabies injections. Raw material, necessary machinery, equipment, technology and formula will be given by Bharat Biotech to make it a corona vaccine.

The team of scientists, technicians and researchers will come from Bharat Biotech Plant from Hyderabad for the vaccine. Chiron vaccine will be available in October-November. However, before starting the vaccine production, the company will have to get approval from the Gujarat Pollution Control Board. It may take a week.

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