Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus News;  MP District 150 villages depend on Rajasthan Jhalawar of for COVID treatment |  30 deaths in 30 days in the village bordering Rajasthan, Rage 12-hour ritual to avoid Kareena

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  • Madhya Pradesh Coronavirus News; MP District 150 Villages Depend on Rajasthan Jhalawar Of For COVID Treatment

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150 villages in Agar district depend on Jhalawar in Rajasthan for treatment. In the medical college there, 60% of the patients are from Madhya Pradesh, who are undergoing treatment for corona. Seeing the increasing number of these patients, the Jhalawar administration has sealed the boundaries. On the other hand, three villages in Tikamgarh district bordering Uttar Pradesh are stuck in lockdown between two states. Read, ground report from the villages of Madhya Pradesh …

1. People from Madhya Pradesh were going to Jhalawar for the treatment of Corona
– Report of Rajendra Dubey and Sharad Gupta from the villages of Agar district bordering Rajasthan

In the villages of Soyt region, the Agar district administration did not make any provision of health facilities. There are neither doctors nor oxygen at the health centers of the village. The result – 30 deaths occurred in Dongargaon alone in a single month.

In this village with a population of 8 thousand, 60 percent of the people are suffering from cold and cough. In the absence of health facilities, people are now praying for liberation from the corona by performing Yajna-rituals.

In the main temple of the village, 5 Pandits are doing chanting for 12 hours every day.  The avenues have been closed by placing jaalis around the temple.  The door is locked.  Only 5 pandits and priests will be able to enter the temple during this 5-day ritual.

In the main temple of the village, 5 Pandits are doing chanting for 12 hours every day. The avenues have been closed by placing jaalis around the temple. The door is locked. Only 5 pandits and priests will be able to enter the temple during this 5-day ritual.

Former sarpanch Premsinh Sonagara said – doing these rituals for the prosperity of the village and liberation from Corona. Two years ago, there was a good rain when the rituals were carried out on the lack of rain. Despite being a big village, not a single government doctor is posted here, only one ANM cures. The villagers depend on Jhalawar for treatment.

Rajasthan Police appeared ready as soon as the border of Madhya Pradesh was over, 3 km from Dongargaon. Here the way has been stopped by putting a checkpost. Constable Roshanlal says that when surveyed at Jhalawar Medical College, it was found that 60 percent of the beds are filled with patients from Madhya Pradesh. After this, the Rajasthan government has restricted the entry of the people of Madhya Pradesh. Lab technician has also been deployed here for investigation.

Entry of any patient from Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan is closed for 20 days.

Entry of any patient from Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan is closed for 20 days.

All elders get vaccinated in Saliyakheri
Saliyakheri has a population of 2500. 15 positives were found here and 2 have died. After this, people came forward to get vaccinated. All people over the age of 60 have been vaccinated. They are waiting for the second dose. 600 people of 45 plus have been vaccinated. 18 Plus did not have a single vaccine yet. Sarpanch husband Shyam Manohar said – Youngsters come everyday and say that get us vaccinated soon.

2. 3 villages stranded between UP and MP border
– Srikant Tripathi from the districts of Tikamgarh

Three villages in Tikamgarh district, Barkhiriya, Ghat Khiria and Dhanwaha, are stuck in lockdown between the two states. Pramod Kushwaha of Barkhiriya village says that the Madhya Pradesh police blocked the front of Khiria outpost just before the path leading out of our village. Entry of the people of Uttar Pradesh is closed from here, but we belong to Madhya Pradesh. Even then, we are not allowed to go.

On the other side, the same situation is on the border of Uttar Pradesh. The villagers have found a way through the river for the goods of need which opens beyond the check post of Uttar Pradesh to Mehroni district. The river is dry, so there is no problem, but there will be more difficulties in rain. Right now we enter directly in Uttar Pradesh through this route. We do not have an entry in our Madhya Pradesh right now.

During the assembly elections, these three villages had been in discussion for boycotting the vote. People did not vote in the elections when the water problem was not solved. Asharam Kushwaha of Dhanwaha village says that it seems that we are being avenged by the election boycott. The good thing is that not a single corona positive has been found in the village so far. People complained of fever, cold and cough, but relied on decoction and other home remedies.

90-year-old father’s illness was cured after being vaccinated
Komal of Barkhiria village says that all persons over 45 years of age have been vaccinated in the village. Not only this, his 90-year-old father had been suffering from respiratory disease for a long time, but his illness was cured after vaccination. Don’t know the reason for this is vaccine or something.

Now the youth of the village are waiting to be vaccinated. 51 out of 55 people of 45+ in Barkhiriya and 155 out of 160 in Dhanwaha village have been vaccinated. This is the reason why there was no corona in the village.

Sleeping outside other centers for 6 days Farmer
Hundreds of tractors and farmers were crowded outside the procurement centers at Jamunikheda and Ajnore in Tikamgarh district. When asked the reason, Pushpendra Yadav said that the manager of Samarra Center became Corona positive and two salesmen died due to infection. For this reason, the procurement center was closed 20 days ago.

In view of the problems of the farmers, now the farmers of Samarra center have been divided into Jamunikheda and Ajnor, but due to lack of gunny bags, it is taking time to purchase at the support price. At the same time, farmer Yadvendra Singh says that farmers have been lying outside the center for the last 6 days. The grain is getting wet in the rain and there is also a fear of corona infection due to contact with each other, but what to do. If the grain is not sold, how will it fill the stomach of the family.

The Anganwadi worker in Bargaon was persuading an elderly woman for a second vaccine, but the woman said that after the first vaccine, the fever was cured within 8 days. Will not get another vaccine now. Nor will they send children for any kind of vaccination.

Anganwadi activist Suman Lata Jain said that due to the vaccination of Corona, people are now refraining from sending children even for routine vaccines like Measles to be held on Tuesday.

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