Meerut Coronavirus Latest Update;  26-days-old Baby Girl Beats Covid-19 Over A Week On Ventilator In Hospital |  The corona was holding breath, from ventilators to steroids;  Reached in the lap of mother blossoming after 18 days

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The struggle for life of this newborn girl from Meerut will give you great encouragement amid the sob stories in the Corona epidemic. Nikit had pneumonia on the 26th day of his birth, breathlessness began to occur. Corona report also got positive after being investigated and the war of life started again …

This little life was put on ventilator. Oxygen therapy was also given if ventilator was not expected. Remedesiver injections also had to be given. Given up to steroids. Finally, after 18 days in the hospital, on Saturday, the baby girl came into her mother’s arms. Doctors say that the blossoming of the little Nikit is the picture of the greatest happiness in the coronary.

Sarvesh Duhan of Indralok Colony in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh gave birth to the baby girl on 1 April. The girl got pneumonia on the 26th day after birth. If shown to doctors, normal treatment continued first. But after the condition worsened, Sarvesh reached Nutima Hospital in Meerut with her baby girl. Newborn antigen and RTPCR test positive came there.

The child had a severe infection in both lungs. Due to which his condition was continuously deteriorating. Senior pediatrician Dr. Amit Upadhyay, who treated the girl, told that the girl was not breathing at all. He was kept on ventilator for a week.

Oxygen therapy returned breath
According to Dr. Amit, the girl was not recovering even on the ventilator. The oxygen level was at 50. In such a situation, the child was breathed with oxygen therapy, which greatly benefited. Medications were given to increase blood pressure. Remedicivir, heavy antibiotics and steroids were also given. Then the girl got well in 18 days.

Smile soon after getting mother’s lap
After winning the battle of life in the hospital, both of them woke up as soon as the girl reached her mother’s lap. The girl was seen playing happily on her mother’s lap. Mother also smiled after so many days. Mother Sarvesh told that due to Corona, she was not able to meet the child, nor was able to see him. After staying away from her stubborn little girl for so many days, it felt as if she was dying.

Feeding from cotton, pulse is checked every half an hour
The girl’s father Vikas Duhan said that the nurse fed the mother in milk in a hospital wearing a PPE kit and fed it with cotton. The pulse of the child was checked every 30 minutes. Trying to increase the oxygen level of the child by lying in the prone pose in between. When the child went on the ventilator, glucose was given continuously.

Mother bid – kept watching the piece of liver from the video call, now very fond
The mother, who was away from the baby at the time of giving birth, had only video call support. Doctors used to show the girl to her mother on video calls twice a day. Mother Sarvesh would have been agonizing to put the girl in the crowd, sometimes she would kiss the phone screen. She used to keep a mobile with her for 24 hours waiting to see the baby girl. Sarvesh says that no one should get the sorrow as I saw. Even the piece of liver was not even attached to the chest. Kaleje did not even get the cold that this little life went on the ventilator. Today the baby girl is in her lap, now she will be very loving.

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