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ghost movieA horror film always depicts the story of revenge and the film Ghost is no different. This film seems to have deviated from the original story due to much experimentation where it could have become good. The first half is not able to connect the story and actors of the film. Yes, there are definitely some thrilling moments in the second half, but by then it is too late and the viewer has left the cinema hall.

The film’s story revolves entirely around the City Hospital, where there are heart-wrenching murders one after the other. Doctor Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) faces supernatural events happening in the hospital. The demonic forces are behind these killings at night and Dr. Suhani becomes a witness to this. The investigation of the case is entrusted to a detective agency and one of its officers Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja) comes here. Is he able to catch the murderer or continues the process of these murders. This is shown in the film.

Star Cast: Shiney Ahuja is making a comeback to Bollywood once again from the film Ghost but this film does not appear to be helping her from anywhere. There is nothing in Sayali Bhagat’s acting for which the directors dare to take him to his films. There is also no chemistry between Sayali and Shiney. If the character of Julia Bliss is not supported by special effects, then she does not appear to be a ghost from anywhere.

Director: Pooja Jatinder Bedi has killed its soul in the affair of adding Bollywood spice to the horror film. Many horror scenes are such that the audience starts laughing in fear. Along with this, she has also failed to maintain the continuity in the film.

Dialogue / Cinematography / Music: The dialogues are such that they start sleeping. Cinematography is good but due to poor editing it did not leave any effect. The music of the film is not something that can be remembered, yes the background score is definitely amazing which makes the horror scene even more scary.

Why see: If you sit empty at home and time is not cutting, then you can waste your money by watching this film.

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