Movie Review: Sadda Adda

sadda addaThe story of the film tells that a man can live his life as he wants. This theme has been introduced in a positive way. This film repeatedly gives the same message that no matter how hard a man tries to be a decent, but the bastardess in him never dies. Just this message is shown in a positive way. The story treatment is absolutely simple but the entire film will not let you wander. The second half is much funnier than the first half of the film.

The story of the entire film revolves around 6 room partners and friends (Sameer, Kabir, Jogi, Safal and Rajat). All of them leave their home and live together in a house in the colony of Delhi. This house is fondly called Sadda Adda. All live at home in a very cool way. He has to face a lot of problems while living here. Just how does everyone deal with these problems, the film revolves around it.
Star cast: Bhowmick Sampath has been successful in getting into the character completely. Karanvir Sharma is also playing a special kind of character that you will like.Parimal Aloke, Robin Robert, Kunal Pant’s character may not be funny, yet he has managed to create his image while Shaurya Chauhan has played his character well. Rohit Arora has appeared as a comedian.

direction: Muazzam Baig has tried his best to get his best out of his actors. The director has made this film keeping the youth in view. The conditions that today’s youth go through have been presented in an entertaining way.

Dialogues, Cinematography, Music:Dialogues are simple and are presented in an entertaining way. Hearing the dialogues will not stop you from laughing. Cinematography is fantastic. Apart from this, editing makes the film more powerful. You will like the song Sarfira in the film while Sadda Adda song has been filmed seeing the likes of Youth.

Why see:Since the film is made by looking at youth, it is worth watching once. This weekend, if you wish to watch an entertaining film, then definitely watch this film.

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