Samsung: In a first of it’s kind of technology, Samsung just launched a new feature which will help find your samsung phone even if it’s offline. That means even if the phone isn’t connected via mobile internet or wifi connection, still it can be found using other Galaxy devices.

Samsung has been known for investing huge amounts of money in Research & Development of new technologies which has enabled it to be the market leader in innovation along with Apple. Samsung has a big market share and such a feature actually makes sense as so many galaxy devices are usually present at a public place. If someone loses his/her smartphone in public, they can simply use the Find My Phone feature to locate their phone even if it doesn’t have internet connectivity.

The flagship phones which are quite very expensive, if get lost is a big loss to the owner. So, having such a device will add to the security of the device and the data present within it.

Recently, Indian’s have been boycotting Chinese products including phones which made quite a considerable amount of market share in the Indian market. Actually, chinese smartphones have been dominating the Indian market for quite a few years now. But, now things are changing and people are moving away from these brands. Other smarphone maufacturers should use this opportunity to capture more of the Indian market by providing smartphones at reasonable rates. The government of India is also trying to put restrictions on import of chinese products by imposing taxes on them.

This news comes after few Samsung users reported having this feature. It’s currently in it’s Beta phase so not all users have access to it but it’s being tested with the help of selected users and the feedback is being recorded. Hope this feature reaches to the masses soon.

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