Part of the problem, such as Hidma, focus on them means getting caught in Psychological Warfare;  Our need is strategic change |  Focusing on Hidma means getting caught in Psychological Warfare;  While we need strategic change

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  • Part Of The Problem, Such As Hidma, Focus On Them Means Getting Caught In Psychological Warfare; Our Need Is Strategic Change

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new Delhi10 minutes agoAuthor: Hemant Atri

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5 days have passed since the Bijapur Naxalite encounter. Naxalite commander Hidma is as much mentioned in this operation as is the mention of the martyred soldiers. Who was the mastermind of this attack. Hidma is just one part of the Naxal problem. Even if it is finished, the whole problem will not end. It is heard that the entire operation was planned for the elimination of Hidma. The truth is that in the future, planning such an operation will mean getting caught in the psychological warfare of the Naxalites. Whereas our need is now strategic change. 4 reasons why?

1. Naxalite Strategy to Make Your Commanders a Hero
The guerrilla warfare used by the Naxalites against the security forces does not matter much, but the social, political, economic conditions of the area matter more. Naxalites give their commanders the status of heroes. The news is also publicized, making these commanders heroes. This is his psychological warfare strategy. In such a situation, the operation plan should be stuck in the warfare of Naxalites by keeping Hidma like them at the center. Here the government and security forces need to change the strategy.

2. In the past, many like Hidma came, but nothing has changed from their end.
Bastaria being a tribal increases the usefulness of a person like Hidma to Naxalites. But this itself is not the most important factor of the movement. Seeing the history, commanders like Ramanna and Vijay also came. Ramanna had been the Supreme Naxal Commander of Dandakaranya for over two decades. Vijay was a resident of the village of Hidma, whose role during Salwa Judum was an important role in recruiting local tribals into Naxal organizations. Due to this, the Naxalites formed more than 20 companies and two battalions. Vijay also became a member of the Special Dandakaranya Zonal Committee. When he died in a tractor accident in 2010, Hidma was his bodyguard. Ramanna and Vijay ended, but it did not have much impact on the Naxalite movement.

3. Talk of revenge of martyrdom, but not being learned from it
Now the government and security forces are talking about taking revenge for the martyrdom. There is talk of a complete eradication of the Naxalite problem. With the echo of Hidma’s name in the media and government machinery, it seems that no lessons are being learned from these attacks. Such attacks are not being reviewed. No one is thinking about changing the strategy to deal with encounters and ambushes. Every time some junior officers are shown the action. The ground troop spirits are weakened and pushed into the war zone.

4. Less operational understanding of the officers, the results suffer.
In Bijapur, more than 2 thousand soldiers of the security forces were sent to the forest to find Hidma. Based on which input and who planned this operation? Who reviewed this input and ordered to start such a large operation. It has not been investigated yet. If all this does not happen, another attack will happen in a few days. Actually, the need is to review the capabilities of the officers sitting at the top level, not giving importance to symbols like Hidma. Those whose height is high, but the operational understanding is less. The soldiers have to bear the brunt of this again and again.

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