Scientists created 100% natural hair color from bacteria found in soil, no side effects |  Made 100% natural hair color from bacteria found in soil, no side effects from it

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  • Scientists Created 100% Natural Hair Color From Bacteria Found In Soil, No Side Effects

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Chandigarh10 days agoAuthor: Nanu Joginder Singh

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Researcher Dr. Naveen Gupta said that when hair is dyed, there is a color and a developer. Chemical is used in both.

  • Punjab University researchers file patent after 7 years of hard work
  • Color will last for 20 shampoos in lab condition, up to 10 shampoos in normal condition

Bleeding hair before age is a common problem. When they are dyed, the hair starts falling prematurely, due to the chemical, and the remaining hair also turns white. In such a situation, 100% natural hair color has been prepared by the researchers of Punjab University for the people troubled by it.

Isolated bacteria prepared
The special thing is that it is prepared from a bacteria found in the soil, it has not shown any side effects. Scientists from the University’s Department of Microbiology have isolated the bacteria and prepared the color. This was in progress for almost seven years and now PU has filed a patent.

Chemical is used in dye
Professor Naveen Gupta is the Inventor of ‘Chemical Free User Friendly Hair Dyeing Formulation’. Along with him his students Dr. Deepak Kumar, Rahul Vermuta and Co-Inventor Prof. Prince Sharma He explained that when dyeing hair, there is a color and a developer. Chemical is used in both. The developer uses hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is used to keep the color in the hair.

Researched hair from salon
There is a solution for ammonia in the market, but the rest is not yet available. In the meantime he read research on a bacterium that he is alkaline. Gradually started research in this area, then it was found that there would be no need to add hydrogen peroxide to the color made from it. Taking hair from the salon, he tried it in the lab. At the lab level, it lasts for 15-20 shampoos, while in normal environment it is likely to last up to 10 shampoos.

Researcher did big work on water before this
In the ranking of the National Institutional Ranking Framework, Punjab University is named after the IIT in the top university. In this type of ranking, the highest score is found only by research. According to another Private World Education Ranking 2021, PU is ranked fourth in the country. Researcher Dr. Gupta has solved many problems in Chandigarh including the smell of water after the use of nadin and tertiary water in Sukhna Lake.

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