Sprinkle a quarter of a bottle of liquor with cow urine, no disease will pass for 50 years?  |  Sprinkle one and a half bottles of liquor in urine, corona for 50 years, then no disease will pass.

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Jaipur32 minutes agoAuthor: Vikram Singh Solanki

Scientists and doctors from all over the world are looking for a better cure for corona. The situation is such that the central and state governments are also looking helpless. Meanwhile, there are no hawks claiming absurd talk and treatment of corona with chanting, tantra-mantra. Some are offering havan and some worship at the crematorium. This Baba is playing with faith. Dainik Bhaskar’s team reached the neighboring districts of Jaipur for three days to find such babas and stinged the truth of such hypocritical babas.

Contact with more than 15 babas in three days
The Bhaskar team contacted more than 15 babas at Reengus, Ranoli-Palsana, Sikar, Laxmangarh and Fatehpur in Sikar district. Many of them also refused to treat Corona. So some have done the limit. The biggest thing is that Baba is not treating anyone without knowing. Treatment is started only when someone is already known.

Cigarettes in hand and garlands around neck, maths applied on fingers

The Bhaskar team arrived at a Baba’s ashram in Sikar. Baba will be 35–37 years old. They took us to a room separate from the temple. His name is Baba Sachin. Many necklaces were worn around the neck. There was a cigarette in his hand. One extinguished and the other was burning. Baba was playing a pinch with full style. Asked the name and address and asked the problem. Told about the illness of the mother. Told illness and problem of other people in the family. Baba said Corona is going on. Be a little restrained. After much deliberation, he asked the name and then applied some math to the fingers. During this time the cigarette in his hand kept on burning.

Claim: Black and bald man has done something, may be neighbor or relative
After calculating the fingers, Baba said that there is a problem and eyesight of some houseguards. See, I am not God, but I have calculated something. There is a problem at home. A black and bald man has done something. One can also be a friend, neighbor or relative. Asked the solution, said that the whole problem will be solved. Havan-pooja will have to be done. Anyone who has done wrong will go back. We will not do evil to anyone, but the person who has done wrong will have double effect. Whatever they do with him, leave him or kill him. This is the will of God. There will be security of the house.

Claim of not having trouble on family for 50 years
Baba said such a solution which surprised even himself. Asked Baba a solution to overcome the disease and the problem. Baba said that a quarter of a bottle of country liquor (liquor) would have to be brought. Taking milk, urine and plain water. Mixing a lid of Ganga water. Baba said such a shocking thing that the head also baffled. Baba said that to mix everyone including country liquor and cow urine in one earthen urn. To make a hole in the urn. Making wires all over the house, putting the remaining ones at the gate. Claimed that there would be no child abuse for 10, 20, 50 years. No evil spirit will come. Tantra-mantra will not have any effect.

Worship for 21 days and ask for 25 thousand rupees
Baba wrote the material on the entire slip. Giving the slip, he said that there will be worship for 21 days. You spray at home. Call me after 21 days. There will be worship and havan. Also, worship will be done separately with tantra-mantra. When asked Baba to give Dakshina, he said that it would cost 25 thousand rupees. Sickness, home defects, domestic strife will all be removed. Get these things done quickly. Coughs and colds continue.

Greed: As soon as I get out, I ask for Dakshina on the phone
The Bhaskar team came out of the ashram talking to Baba. When the team reached some distance, a call from one of Baba’s disciples came. He gets angry and says that Baba has called. You have been told the whole treatment, yet you have not come with Dakshina. When we talked about putting money in the donation box of the temple, we said that they go to the temple, they have to give separate dakshina. Baba gets the same. Then he agreed to offer prayers soon.

Disclaimer: Dainik Bhaskar has no motive to play with anyone’s religious sentiments. But at a time when the entire country is reeling under the Corona epidemic, it is important to know the truth of these alleged babas.

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