Sunny Leone: Today, sunny on her official twitter account announced that she will be joining college in the coming year. This news comes after reports of her topping the Kolkata entrance test goes viral which is obviously not true.

Later, to take a dig at the whole situation, Sunny took to twitter and shared a post regarding the same. Here is the post:

In the post she says ” See you all in college next semester!!! Hope your in my class” and then the emoji’s at the end. It’s clear from the emojis that she was definitely not serious but people started commenting on this post.

Someone also posted the merit list in which the first rank holder’s name is Sunny Leone. Here is that post:

In an exclusive interview with Latest India News Today, the Asutosh College admin stated that this is a mischevious attempt by someone and it’s not true that Sunny Leone is joining the college. Since the entrance exams are checked via automated systems so this kind of error occured.

This means that it’s a bad news for people who were hoping to see Sunny in their college premises but the actress definitely has a good sense of humor.

Anamika Singh

By Anamika Singh

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