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LucknowOne hour ago

Aparna Purohit reached Hazratganj Kotwali at 2 pm on Tuesday to record the statement. During this time she kept avoiding the media.

Amazon Prime’s India head Aparna Purohit was questioned by the police on Tuesday in connection with the web series Tandav controversy. She had reached Hazratganj Kotwali to record her statement. At around 2 pm, Aparna Purohit reached the Kotwali and came out at 5.40 am. Aparna responded to questions asked about passing objectionable content in the web series.

According to sources, Aparna Purohit answered only 8 of the 50 questions of Anil Kumar Singh, in-charge of Hazratganj Kotwali, who is heading the SIT team. He is summoned again on 8 March.

Aparna was questioned for passing objectionable content in the web series Tandava.

Aparna was questioned for passing objectionable content in the web series Tandava.

Question series on objection scenes showing web series

According to sources, the first question the police asked Aparna was why her content was not checked before passing the web series? On this, Aparna Purohit said that all the content is passed by our special team. After this we finally approve it.

After this, the police asked how the web series was passed without seeing any objectionable scene about any religion, community or caste before giving approval? Aparna deferred this question by saying that I would not be able to tell anything about it.

After 4 consecutive questions, Aparna Purohit started looking sideways. He said that I do not know. Even I cannot answer this. Sources said that Aparna Purohit was able to answer only 8 questions.

During interrogation, he was shown the web series. In this, questions were asked on the scene of the Prime Minister and the missing boy in the university and Lord Shiva? He kept silence on this. During this, she took a handkerchief out of the bag and wiped sweat from her forehead. He said that I do not know, I am not able to tell anything.

Inquiries will be held again on 8 March
Aparna Purohit’s maiden name in the trial filed on 17 January. Aparna had approached the legal advisor of Amazon India to dismiss the case up to Bombay High Court, Lucknow Bench of the High Court and the Supreme Court, but the application was rejected everywhere. Amazon India had on Monday approached the Lucknow bench of the High Court seeking dismissal of the case.

In this, Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh, while hearing in a single bench, ordered him to record his statement by Tuesday afternoon. Earlier, the police team went to Mumbai and recorded statements of Web series director Ali Abbas, producer Himanshu, writer Gaurav Solanki.

Aparna reached Hazratganj Kotwali with a bodyguard.  During this time, she avoided the media's questions.

Aparna reached Hazratganj Kotwali with a bodyguard. During this time, she avoided the media’s questions.

FIR was filed on 18 January
On January 18, a police inspector lodged an FIR in the case at Hazratganj police station in Lucknow. In this, a case was filed against the Tandava web series under sections like spreading malice and spreading unrest in society.

In the FIR, Amazon Prime’s India head Aparna Purohit, Tandava web series director Ali Abbas, producer Himanshu Krishna Mehar and writer Gaurav Solanki have been accused.

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