The price of Remedisvir will not be more than Rs 3500;  6 new companies approved to make it, production will be doubled.  The price of Remedisvir will not be more than Rs 3500;  6 new companies approved to make it, production will be doubled

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  • The Price Of Remedisvir Will Not Be More Than Rs 3500; 6 New Companies Approved To Make It, Production Will Be Doubled

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New Delhi2 hours ago

The Central Government on Wednesday took two important decisions to address the shortage of Remadecivir injection being used in the treatment of Corona infection. According to Union Minister Mansukh Mandavia, the cost of this injection will be Rs 3500 from the end of this week. Not only this, their production will also double from the end of April. For this, 6 more companies have been approved to produce it. Currently, 38.80 lakh injections are being produced every month in the country. About 8 million injections will be ready by the end of this month.

Injection shortage in many states
In many states of the country, there is a shortage of Remedicivir injection. Due to this, its black marketing has also increased. The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers made this announcement after complaints from several parts of them being sold at an arbitrary price. In a meeting held with Mansukh Mandavia last April 12-13 with companies producing Remedisvir, the decision was taken to increase its availability, production, supply and reduce prices.

According to the ministry, the companies making Remedicivir injection have decided that their price will not be more than Rs 3500. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has taken this decision. NPPA will now monitor its availability across the country.

7 companies are making injections right now
According to the ministry, there are a total of 7 manufacturers of Remadecivir injection in the country at the moment. Now 6 more companies have been approved to produce it. With this, 10 lakh injections will be made every month. In addition, 3 million more units are in the final stages of construction.

Lack of injections in UP, seek help from Gujarat
In Uttar Pradesh, the situation is getting worse with Corona. The number of active patients here has exceeded 95 thousand. Crisis of beds, oxygen and ventilators have started coming up in hospitals. There has been a shortage of Remadecivir injections throughout the state. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked Ahmedabad’s Gujarat to order 25 thousand doses of Remedisvir injection.

Government bans the export of Remedesivir
The central government has banned the export of Remadecivir a few days ago. The things used to make it will also not be exported. The sudden increase in infection cases has led to the shortage of this injection across the country. This decision was taken by the government in view of the demand and possibility of further increase in the coming days.

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