thease are four reasons to sex outside of khajurah |  This is the reason behind the naked idols made outside the Khajuraho temple.

Bhopal. Today, under the knowledge package, we are giving you the reason for the idols made out of the Khajuraho temple, naked and in sexual intercourse. The province of Madhya Pradesh, known as the heart of India, is known for its ancient temples. The Khajuraho temple here is world famous. The reason for its world fame is the various idols in the nude and mating pose made outside the temple. These figures, built outside the Khajuraho temples located in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, have been named Kama Sahitya.

Khajuraho temples were built between 950 AD and 1050 AD. The idols in these temples have been constructed so well that after seeing this one does not feel bad, because all are lost in the beauty of the idols. It is a place that can be seen with the whole family with a pure heart. These sculptures are enough to show the characteristic of ancient civilization.

However many times a question arises in the mind that what could be the secret behind making such idols outside the temple. There is no opinion about this. Different analysts have given different opinions. There are mainly four reasons, which are as follows.

First recognition

Some analysts believe that in ancient times the King-Maharaja indulged more in Bhoga-Vilashita. He was quite excited. For this reason, various sculptures have been made outside the Khajuraho temple, in the nude and sexual posture.

Second belief

Analysts of another community believe that it was created in the ancient times with a view to education of sex. It is believed that after seeing those amazing shapes, people will get the right education of sexual intercourse. In ancient times, the temple itself was a place where almost all the people used to go. That is why temples were chosen to give proper teaching of sexual intercourse.

Third belief

Some analysts believe that for salvation every human being has to go through four paths – Dharma, Artha, Yoga and Kama. It is believed that naked idols have been placed outside the temple with this view. Because this is the work and after this only and only God gets refuge. For this reason, after seeing it, it was imagined to go to the shelter of God.

Fourth recognition

Apart from all this, some people have been told to protect Hinduism. According to these people, when the temples of Khajuraho were built, Buddhism was spreading very fast. The Chandela rulers tried to save the existence of Hinduism and for this they resorted to this path. According to him, in ancient times it was believed that everyone is drawn towards sex.

That is why if the idols will be placed outside the temple in naked and mating posture, then people will come to the temple to see it. Then you will go to see God inside. This will give a boost to Hinduism.

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