Today History: Aaj Ka Itihas India World 6 January Update |  Indira Gandhi Killers Hanged Samuel Morse Telegraph Interesting Facts |  When the Prime Minister of India was gunned down by his own security guards, the killers were hanged after 5 years

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  • Today History: Aaj Ka Itihas India World 6 January Update | Indira Gandhi Killers Hanged Samuel Morse Telegraph Interesting Facts

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7 days ago

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The date was 31 October 1984 and the time was 9:10 AM. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi walked out of the Prime Minister’s Office. Indira Gandhi was discussing with the officials. Then suddenly security guard Beant Singh, stationed there, took out his revolver and fired on Indira Gandhi. The bullet hit his stomach. After this Beant fired two more.

Satwant Singh stood at a distance of 5 feet from Beant Singh. Then Beant shouted at him and said – Shoot. Satwant immediately fired all 25 bullets of his automatic carbine at Indira Gandhi. Both fired so much that Indira Gandhi’s body was damaged. Indira Gandhi was pronounced dead at 2 pm, 4 hours after being shot.

Beant Singh was killed at the same time by the security personnel present there. Satwant Singh was arrested. Kehar Singh was also involved in this entire conspiracy. Indira Gandhi’s killers wanted to avenge Operation Blue Star from her. Thousands of people were killed in Operation Blue Star at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, two of Indira Gandhi’s remaining killers, were hanged in Tihar Jail on January 6, 1989, after the case was tried in courts for nearly 5 years. Satwant Singh was of violent instinct while Kehar Singh was calm. After the execution, the bodies of both were not given to the family members and the jail administration performed the last rites.

Important events of January 6 in India and the world:

  • 2020 Indonesian citizen Reinhard Sinaga, who raped the men, was sentenced to life by a UK court.
  • 2012: A suicide attack in the Syrian capital Damascus left 26 dead, 63 injured.
  • 2010: Yamuna Bank-Anand Vihar section of metro trains started operating in New Delhi.
  • 2007: It was announced that Uttar Pradesh will confer the Bharat Bharati Samman of 2007 on Kedarnath Singh’s annual awards in the field of literature by the Hindi Institute.
  • 2003: Russia warned the US on military action against Iraq without permission from the United Nations.
  • 2002: The picture of former President Sheikh Mujib was removed from the currency of Bangladesh.
  • 1983: The Indian National Congress faced defeat in the Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka assembly elections for the first time.
  • 1980: In the seventh Lok Sabha election, the Indira Gandhi-led Congress Party got a two-thirds majority.
  • 1976: China conducted a nuclear test in the Lopanor region.
  • 1950: Britain recognized the Communist Government of China.
  • 1947: The Indian National Congress Committee accepted the partition of India.
  • 1929: Mother Teresa returned to Calcutta (now Kolkata) to serve neglected and poor people in India.
  • 1664: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj attacked Surat.

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