Mr. Alexander tells us about his travel kit and what he suggests others to keep while they travel. In an interview with he talks about top 10 things to pack for your next travel.

Who is Mr. Alexander the traveller ?

So we’ve been traveling in South America for the last four months and so we thought we would go over some awesome things that we’ve been traveling with and if you know me you will know that i’ve been traveling for about five years.

I’ve done a lot of packing videos so there are some essential things that I’ve come to know and that lindsey uses she has some really good ideas and we just wanted to go over them in this interview right.

How do you manage lighting ?

Guys so my number one here it’s called the iFlex what is this thing so basically you can put this anywhere in your bag it’s really light you don’t even know it’s there and then you turn it into kind of a tripod for your phone like this so what’s cool about this is you can bend it in all sorts of different directions and different ways you can hang it on a chair and watch netflix.

You can read a book if you have the book app on your phone and you read books on there instead of holding it for hours you can put it on this it really comes in handy when you’re on like a flight or a train.

So you know little tables on flights you can just set it up there and watch a movie on the whole flight because i could never figure out how to put my phone on there when i’m on a flight and watch a movie i have to hold it the whole time until i got this and we were on a13-hour bus ride and that really came in handy to watch netflix because otherwise Alex or i would have had to hold the phone for hours so instead we put the phone on there and we could fall asleep while watching.

Besides for books and movies and things like that i even started using it as a pillow sometimes when i was in buses so i just put it like this something like this against the window and it really helped me out so this thing is just amazing this is one of my favorite things these days.

Which backpacks you use ?

So by the way all of these things are linked down below this is kind of hard to find but if you go to the amazon shop you can find this it’s pretty cheap okay and now for packing essential number two a day bag that you actually like and are going to want to use every day so while we’ve been traveling we see alot of backpackers that will have the typical hiking kind of day bag but the thing is if you’re going to be on a trip away from home for a long time and you’re using this bag every single day when you go you want to actually like it and it doesn’t need to be very big you just have to have it big enough so that you can fit like a change of clothes water bottles some snacks and your phone.

The one that i decided to bring along on this trip is a lucky brand backpack it’s a small leather bag it has two pockets and then on the side for a water bottle and it’s been great it goes with pretty much anything i would wear so one of the reasons that this is a good choice of bag or even like a guy version of this is because it goes under the radar so that’s one of the main reasons that i like to get a regular backpack instead of the hiking backpack unless you’re going to be going into the Andes or like hiking steep mountain. Something like this is great especially when you’re inside cities you don’t want to stand out you’re already going to stand out as a tourist but if you can go under the radar and just have a regular backpack like this.

You’re not gonna be targeted so much usually the travel backpacks are like bright orange bright colors there’s probably good reasons for that but there’s a better reason for traveling with something like this so yeah just find something you like that you can use every day and i think you’ll be a lot happier than if you’re gonna do a hiking backpack all right travel packing essential number three is a sink stopper you might have seen me go over this before but really quick so i use this all the time if you’re gonna be staying in hostels sometimes even hotels it’s not always easy to find a laundromat and so i’d say 90% of the time i do my laundry in the sink.

In the hostel sink or something while i’m traveling especially if you’re a backpacker so you just put the sink stopper in the sink put all your clothes in there with some soap and you’ve done your laundry for free and you don’t have to go anywhere to do its get a sink stopper it’s like a dollar and I’ve linked it below packing essential number four a dirty laundry bag so it starts off like this really small and compressible and then you zip this open and it gets a lot bigger it’s like the perfect size it’s lightweight and you can put all your dirty laundry in here to separate it from your clean clothes.

So i really like this because if i didn’t have this i would be using like a throw away plastic bag to try to separate my clothing or i’d be having all my dirty clothes packed in with my clean clothes which isn’t ideal so definitely get one of these not expensive at all super lightweight to bring packing essential number five aka my first and favorite packing essential actually is travel underwear so i use ex official travel underwear it’s moisture wicking it’s odor resistant so you can bring just a few pair of these like me. i pretty much travel with three pairs of underwear now because you can wear these every day for a week they still don’t smell and they’re still clean supposedly because of the weird technology that they use and it’s just the best you need some travel underwear so you don’t have to pack like 10 pairs and the brand that we both use is x officio.

This is the female version no i haven’t seen those yet yeah so these are going to be a little bit more expensive than your average pair of underwear but it’s totally worth it because you only have to bring two to three pairs and they wash and dry really easily really quickly definitely a travel essential packing essential number six basically a packing cube for your shoes so i bought this on amazon this is a great way to separate your shoes from all your other items so nothing else gets dirty and inside there are two compartments so you can fit two pairs of shoes inhere there’s like a little mesh compartment here and this is where i put my flip-flops and then this is for bigger shoes like tennis shoes or heels or something like that that’s kind of cool that’s kind of cool that that it has two spaces because a lot of these shoe bags shoe compartments they only have one one compartment.

For one pair of shoes but of course you’re gonna need flip-flops when you’re traveling so that is both yeah pretty cool so they come in different colors and then make sure you get the one that has two different compartments because that’s super handy you could even put other stuff in here too if you only had one pair of shoes you could use this for something else to store and then if you don’t have a backpack yet and you’re looking for a good travel backpack my favorite and the one that i travel with.

Now is the nomadic and i’m only bringing it up right now because it has a shoe compartment at the bottom so if you want one that already separates your shoes and flip-flops from the rest of the bag even dirty clothes could go in there too oh yeah anything you want to not be with your clean stuff yeah and you have that in the pneumatic separate from all your other clothes nothing else gets dirty all right packing essential number seven to go off of what lindsey was just doing packing cubes so these packing cubes are from trip they’re awesome because they have a compression zipper so you can unzip that and then when you’re packing your packing cube you have a ton of space in here.

So you unzip it which gives you a ton more room there see so so it expands it looks like a actually a thick uh packing cube but then once you pack it you zip it back up and it compresses everything together and saves you a ton of space in your bag so i really like tripped because their logo is pretty coo land the colors are nice and the zippers are like really high quality too you don’t feel like they’re gonna bust or something when you’re squeezing a bunch of stuff in to zip it.

Tell us about the interior of the van

I’ve used a lot of crappy packing cubes in my day and these ones are good so these are linked below also if you guys have never used packing cubes in general you need to get them they will change your life so you can put maybe like t-shirts in one jeans and the other so if you need to grab something real quick out of your bag you’re not rummaging through your entire bag and unfolding all your clothes you can just literally grab one packing cube get the one item that you need out of it and put it back so it’s a lot cleaner more organized in your backpacking suitcase exactly these are an essential for backpacker spacing essential number eight a quick drying small towel look at how tiny this is it is smaller practically than the palm of my hand so the one that i use is by sea to summit it’s called the air light.

A shelve so this towel really comes in handy if you’re going to be staying at hostels they usually don’t provide towels and you need something that’s going to dry quickly and that fits in your bag let us show you why you need a packable towel do you want to get that all right so option number one a bath towel this is actually a small bath towel this isn’t even like full size look how big that is wait we’ll put them next to each other and then you have my microfiber travel towel which i love and it’s much smaller than this one but then lindsey’sis even much smaller than mine about half the size of that so this one that lindsay has is amazing i mean i think that mine is small enough but take a look I’ve never seen one smaller than this now the material is very thin don’t expect it to be like your typical bath towel paper but yeah it is it’s like paperthin but that’s all you need when you travel.

It’s just something thin and lightweight so it does expand to be pretty big see how thin that is yeah that is extremely thin yes and if you don’t like this color they do have it in a few different colors i think there’s like a gray and orange other colors as well so you can take a look and if you want something just a little bit thicker than that then there’s one like mine which is more like your typical microfiber travel towel which is still see very very small so you have options they’re all down below but that one is insane I’ve never seen one like lindsay’s here i couldn’t believe it when i ordered it how small it actually was so you will not be disappointed all right my number nine.

This is an external battery charger for your iphone for anything that you need to charge so i suggest you get a decent one like this i’d say you spend at least 30 dollars on one and that way you’ll be able to charge your phone or charge something else multiple times so you can get a lot of these for like five dollars or ten dollars but they’ll charge your phone once but if you’re a traveler you’re gonna want this when you’re on trains or planes or something with no outlets for a long time so this one that I’ve linked below it usually charges my phone like six seven or eight times yeah and i also have one but it’s a bit smaller and it’s the bio light.

So both of us have items linked below in the amazon shop there’s a lindsay shop and alex shop travel essential number 10 anrfid protected wallet the reason this is important is while you’re traveling there are some not so nice people out there that will try to steal your information your credit card information they have these scanners that can go through the wallet but since this is rfid protected it’s supposed to prevent that from happening also inside of here you can store your passport multiple cards your id important papers copies of anything you want so it’s pretty big holds a lot and your information will be protected this is pretty much a necessity.

These days lindsay knows from experience she has had her information stolen before so now she uses one of these and again if you haven’t gotten your backpack yet so the pneumatic actually has this built in so if you can see here there is an rfid pocket and you can actually put a lock on there too so i put my passport in here i put all my extra credit cards that kind of thing and i lock it up so everything’s super safe inside my pneumatic there so get one of these if you haven’t already.

This is from see to summit but there’s a lot of other good brands out there that you can check out all right we both decided to throw in a bonus item each that we both really like so my other essential that i would bring with are headbands this would be applicable to men or women if you’re having a bad hair day or greasy hair you don’t have time to shower anything like that you can just throw these on and they can also add for a cool aesthetic too.

A headband and or bandanna a lot of people will wear yeah bandana sweat helps to keep the sun off your head especially if you’re a bald man and you’re gonna get a sunburn up there so yeah and then my bonus is a good sunscreen or a facial sunscreen so if you’re coming from a western country or let’s be honest a country where people are predominantly white then usually it’s going to be cheaper in these countries so when you’re going to be going to south america southeast asia india or something like that it’s gonna be more expensive because tourists are the ones who want it and so they’ll jack up the price because taurus are gonna be the only ones buying it all.

In the end he shared a message for all the readers and the travellers and these are probably the best things that we need for packing whenever going out to camp or for picnic or holidays.

A final message for the audience please.

Right guys so those are our top 10 essentials for packing . We have a few more really good things that you might not know about. I’m traveling all around the world and i’m sharing thewhole thing with you thanks.

Hope you enjoyed reading this wonderful interview, do leave a comment if you liked it and share. Also do let us know what are your top 10 things that you pack while going out in the comment section below. Also checkout International travel.

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