Uttar pradesh Lockdown Latest News;  Yogi Adityanath Government Depend On Lockdown, Coronavirus Active Cases |  The lockdown was not imposed even on the order of the first court, 46 thousand cases were reduced in 25 days, then it was strictly increased for the 5th time.

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The Allahabad High Court had earlier ordered lockdown in 5 cities of Uttar Pradesh (UP) to control Corona, but then the Yogi government had reached the Supreme Court, arguing that it would not save the livelihood. But now the government has the support of lockdown.

On Saturday in UP, Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath extended the lockdown till May 24. This has been done for the 5th time. According to government data, the number of new Corona patients decreased sharply due to the lockdown. In the last 25 days, there has been a decrease of about 46 thousand in the active case. Earlier there were 2,23,544 active cases in the state till April 20, while the number reached 1,77,346 by May 15 after the lockdown.

Cases reduced, but death toll increased
When the government decided to impose a complete lockdown from the weekend lockdown, there were 2,422 deaths over the next 10 days (20 to 30 April). There were 3,087 deaths in the next 10 days (1 to 10 May) after the full lockdown was imposed. Apart from this, the truth of the death from Corona is witness to the dead bodies flowing in the districts of Ganga (1140 km) in UP. There is no record of people who are dying in villages. According to the government, on Saturday, 12,547 new infections were detected and 28,407 patients were cured within the last 24 hours. While there were 281 deaths. So far 17,238 have died in the state.

Corona conditions in the state 10 days before and 10 days after lockdown
The state received 3,44,508 corona cases between the weekend lockdowns from April 21 to 30. While 2,422 people died. There were 2,73,882 new corona cases and 3,127 deaths in the state during the lockdown from 1 to 10 May. It is clear from both figures that while new cases of corona are decreasing, the deaths are increasing by about one and a half times.

6 cities are hotspots in the state, the situation has not improved here

  • Lucknow: From April 20 to 30, 48,917 new cases of corona were reported in Lucknow. There were 257 deaths during this period. As of 20 April, there were 52,376 cases active in Lucknow, which has increased to 12,474 by 15 May. From May 1 to 10, 23,672 new cases were reported in Lucknow and the death toll reached 325. The death toll in Lucknow has reached 2,228, the highest in the state.
  • Kanpur Nagar: There were 19,298 cases and 165 deaths in Kanpur Nagar from 20 to 30 April. But after Corona curfew, 9 to 277 cases were found in Kanpur from 1 to 10 May and the death toll rose 2 times to 326.
  • Banaras: From 20 to 30 April, 19,372 corona cases were registered in the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary constituency, Benaras. There were 127 deaths. From May 1 to 10, there were 11,750 cases, with 106 deaths. According to the figures, new cases of corona and death toll in Benaras did not appear to have much effect.
  • Prayagraj: There were 14,769 cases in Prayagraj from April 20 to April 30, 139 deaths. After the lockdown, there were 6216 cases from May 1 to 10, with 88 deaths.
  • Noida: In 10 days from 20 to 30 April, 9,727 met at Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) and the number of deaths was 101. After the lockdown, Noida had 12,259 cases and 105 deaths from 1 to 10 May. According to statistics, there has been no significant decrease in the number of deaths and active cases in Noida.
  • Meerut: From April 20 to 30, the city of Meerut received 14,150 cases, with 47 deaths. From 1 to 10 May, Meerut received 14,060 cases and deaths in 10 days within 10 days.

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