Alexander Travelbum shares details about his super comfortable camper van which he uses to tour around the world. Van tour- Here is a tour of a camper van.

So those of you don’t know me I’m Alexander Travelbum and we’re about to drive this around America come on in so sitting in the back. actually I’m gonna save it for last.

This van was originally a trail master so we have some upgrades here including these very padded seats which are great for long drives right now the stereo it only plays CDs and radio and it only works half the time.

I’ve been using this Bluetooth speaker we have a backup camera which I can’t leave plugged in or else it’ll drain the battery here we have my succulents which recently died in Death Valley here right next to the driver’s seat nice little cooler so we can grab a beer while we’re driving ah just kidding.

Here it says we get a hundred miles per hour but I think I top out at 70 and don’t be fooled by the amount of gas in there it’s always on empty now welcome to my kitchen my living room my bedroom and my bathroom this is a 2000 GMC savana with 65,000 miles it was pretty good when I got it but I had to make some upgrades welcome to my new home okay so from my kitchen.

I found two different cabinets from thirst stores so they’re each maybe five and ten dollars to make this this one had an open space in here and I put the sink in here which is actually just a salad bowl with a hole cut out in the bottom and a manual pump sink which works like this so the water that goes down this sink comes out down here into this jug this is my gray water tank and this is my white water tank so this one has a tube going up to the faucet and then there’s a tube going from the drain straight into here we have my Vitamix.

Over here pretty much this is my bed from my bed I left the seats that were originally in the back it always was able to come down into a bed because this was a conversion ban and I just reassured the seats with this material and a foam pad I found some pretty cool leather pillows at the thrift store and then I made these curtains on the windows that are actually insulated with reflectix should keep it cool when it’s hot and should keep me a little insulated from the cold in the back.

Here I have my books storage for sweaters jackets for the winter towels you name it so the windows already came with these curtains but I installed some of my own they are velcro Don so I can see outside if I want now let’s go into the back here and see what I have in my garage so here we have my bathroom which I move into the main cabin when I sleep from toilet seat on a bucket and I just take these bags out.

We have bathroom stuff my very mini mini fridge and fits about one bottle of nothing I have some art stuff for when I spill Chapman’s quite often all of my shoes and boots for now this is what I have for sleeping just a big blanket I have another ice chest here this is where we keep our snacks chips rice hands of beans soup ketchup olive oil cups now let’s go over my solar setup I needed a solar because I make these videos I like to sleep at night.

camper van

I need a fan I need to run a fridge so here’s my solar setup really quickly I’ll go over it more in another video okay so firstly I have 300 watts and we drilled a hole to get into this is my inverter which allows me to plug in to the solar and get my power here is a huge battery we have the wanderer charge controller so next I installed these curtains on a wire.

I have a TV up here we have two different kinds of mood light and then I have this bat here you know just in case you can never be too safe you never know when somebody is really really gonna want to play baseball then down here I have all my clothes storage I have camera gear in this drawer kitchen.

Utensils bowls place plastic forks got nice spices I have my basil and rosemary which also died in Death Valley and wooden spatula mushroom tin and of course you might need to get ready sometimes and this is my bathroom so I need a mirror so when I got this van it was just basically a regular conversion van it had all the seats in here it at carpeting which I took out and I put this in they didn’t have anything you see here.

Now I did leave the back seats because they electronically go down and turn into a bed and I like that actually instead of talking about all the details let me just show you so these days everyone seems to be naming their vans so.

I’m pretty sure I have a name but comment down below what do you think he looks like alright so that’s the tour of my van in a few days we’re going to be leaving from where I live in the Bay Area near San Francisco north or again Washington Canada and then we’ll see where we go from there I’m calling this the greetings from America tour.

Camper touring is a type of an adventure and people around the world have shown growing interest. Would you love to go on an adventure to a forest in your camper van ? Do let us know in the comments below. Stay safe, stay happy.

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