Delhi floods

Downpours lashed portions of Delhi on Wednesday, causing waterlogging and gridlocks in a few territories. India Meteorological

(IMD) had anticipated, ‘for the most part shady sky with substantial downpour’ for the national capital today.

Traffic is overwhelming in the carriageway from Lajwanti flyover towards Dhaula Kuan because of breakdown of a bunch transport close Lajwanti flyover. Drivers heading towards Dhaula Kuan are mentioned to take Mayapuri Chowk as elective course. Waterlogging has likewise been accounted for in close Unitech Cyber Park in Gurugram.

Delhiites woke up to light spells of downpour on early Wednesday morning. Overwhelming downpours are anticipated in a few pieces of Delhi in the coming hours.As per the India Meteorological Department, rainstorms with light to direct power downpour would likewise happen over and abutting zones including Noida, Meerut.

The monsoon rains are here in India and every year people face the same problems over and over again because of the negligence of government. Each year thousands of houses are damaged, people killed and businesses disrupted.

There should be proper flood channels and proper measures must be taken so as to eradicate such recurring problems. The economy is also affected due to floods in these states.

According to sources, the government is planning to put some measures in place so as to prevent important cities like Mumbai and Delhi from getting damaged due to floods.

Mohit Yadav

By Mohit Yadav

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