When the first wave was peaked in November, the corona increased one-and-a-half times in 20 days, now the cases increased 4-fold in 12 days;  Infection rate crosses 9 percent |  Night curfew from 6 in the morning to 6 in the morning;  Markets will close at 5 pm, government offices will open till 4 pm

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  • When The First Wave Was Peaked In November, The Corona Increased One And A Half Times In 20 Days, Now The Cases Increased 4 Fold In 12 Days; Infection Rate Crosses 9 Percent

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Jaipur3 hours ago

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In Rajasthan, the number of cases received in one day has increased 4 times in 13 days. This speed is about two and a half times higher than the first wave. After this, the government has released a new guideline for Wednesday evening till 30 April. It has been decided to impose night curfew in all cities of the state from Friday (April 16) to 6 pm to 6 am.

After the new restrictions, markets will be closed in urban areas at 5 pm, government offices will open only till 4 pm. All coaching, schools and colleges will also be closed in the state. Board examinations of 10th and 12th have also been postponed in the state in view of Corona. A decision will be taken later on when these exams will be conducted. With this, it has been decided to promote the students of 8th, 9th and 11th directly to the next classes.

New Guidelines of Restrictions
With Corona cases steadily increasing, the government has started imposing lockdowns, not lockdowns. The Chief Minister held open video conferencing with religious leaders, MLAs of all parties, leaders and social organizations on Wednesday afternoon. After this in the evening, the Home Department of the state issued a guideline, which will be applicable from 6 pm on Friday evening ..

  • Markets will be closed in urban areas at 5 pm, government offices will open only till 4 pm.
  • All coaching classes, libraries, schools and colleges will remain closed in the state.
  • More than 50 people will not be able to attend the wedding and private events.
  • Permission for maximum 20 people to attend the funeral.
  • Ban on public events, religious events, rallies, processions.
  • No more than 50% of the people will be able to sit in the restaurant.
  • Cinema halls, theaters, gyms and multiplexes will remain closed.
  • Only 50% of the passengers will be able to go in buses. Will not be able to stand and travel.
  • In private vehicles, more people will not be able to sit than the fixed capacity.

The band members will be counted separately at weddings
The government has said in its guideline that not more than 50 people will be able to gather in every private event including marriage. However, bandmates at weddings will not count to a maximum of 50 guests. The SDM of the area will have to be informed for the event

CM’s virtual meeting: Traders said – Saturday-Sunday lockdown is not right

The speed of getting new cases increased four times in Rajasthan
In the state, 1754 cases were received in the first wave peak i.e. one day in November 2020, on the 24th this number was 3314. The speed of increasing the case was increased by one and a half times. On 1 April this year, 1350 new cases were received in 24 hours and on 13 April this number increased to 5528 i.e. the pace of getting new cases increased four times.

In view of the situation, expert associated with Kovid management, Dr. Virendra Singh, says that the peak of the second wave has started and it will remain. If strictness and restrictions are not increased, it will remain till May.

Rajasthan board examinations postponed

Ban on open sale of Remedicivir injection
The state government has prohibited the open sale of ramdescivir and tocilizumab. All private hospitals have been instructed that if anyone needs Remedesivir injection, they will first tell their demand to CMHO, they will provide the same injection. The government has also prohibited the selling and stocking of injections at open counters in the market.

A large number of people gathered at the BJP's election meeting in the by-election in Sujangarh, Churu.

A large number of people gathered at the BJP’s election meeting in the by-election in Sujangarh, Churu.

Transition rate in the state crosses 9 percent
In Rajasthan, the state recorded an infection rate of 9.33% on Tuesday. One sample out of every 11 taken here is positive. In Rajasthan yesterday, 59,209 samples were taken, out of which 5,528 are positive. So far, a total of 3 lakh 75 thousand 92 new cases of corona have been found in the state, while 2,979 people have died. So far, a total of 3 lakh 31 thousand 423 patients have been cured.

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